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No, Nicki Minaj Is Not Pregnant, But She Did GO OFF On People Saying She Lowered Her Standards With Kenneth

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Nicki Minaj squashed pregnancy rumors for the 100th time today, and she still had time to go all the way in on people judging her relationship with boyfriend (whom she calls husband) Kenneth Petty.  She also had words for "you h--s selling your p---y to the highest bidder" inside...


Sheesh.  Nicki Minaj pulled up at Queen Radio today for another session that trended all over social media.  After interviewing her former nemesis who put her on, Big Fendi, as well as Chance The Rapper, whose new album she's on, she explained that her bars on Chance's "Slide Around" were not about her having a new baby.


She referenced birthing her legacy Minajesty, and the Barbz went berzerk.  But Nicki said nah, those were just bars.  Plus, she kicked off the show drinking her own Myx Moscato. So there's that.

Before wrapping the show, Nicki went all the way in on people who say she lowered her standards to be with her man Kenneth Petty.  The twosome filed for a marriage license recently, and she was calling him her husband during today's show, but it's unclear if they actually tied the knot.

She's caught heat for Kenneth's felon-ridden past, which includes a conviction of attempted rape.

Still, she made it known Kenneth is her everything, saying he was with her even as a teenager.  She actually revealed he stole her away from another boyfriend.

Nicki popped back at people saying she could do better yelling, "Why wouldn't I be with a man who's loved me for years, before I had everything I have, and before my name was Nicki."

Then, she had words for people who believe women should only marry men with money and clout, saying she's not about that fake love. 

For people telling her she lowered her standards to be with Kenneth, she said:
"You b-tches lowering YOUR standards f---ing ni--as for a check and fake love behind closed doors?"
She continued, "Money can not buy me happiness and good sex." 
Nicki said people post "fake love sh-t" on social media for "fake a-- relationshiop goals."
She also said, "A lot of people y'all be with be fake on the low, gay, abusive, verbally or physically,  andbe having eating disorders..."



Welp, that's that.


Photos: Nicki's IG

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