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#DomesticTerrorism: Almost 30 People Dead In Two Mass Shootings Within 24 Hours

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Almost 30 Americans are dead after two mass shootings went down in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas within 24 hours. The shocking details inside...


Blood shed across the nation over the weekend as two mass shooting occurred within hours of each other.

A gunman armed with a rifle opened fire at an El Paso shopping area, killing 20 people and two dozen injured. Hours later, another mass shooting occured in Dayton, Ohio, leaving 9 people dead and at least 16 people injured.

According to reports, a gunman wearing body armor opened fire in a popular nightlife area in Dayton, Ohio around 1AM, resulting in 9 people losing their lives and 26 others injured. The suspect was reportedly making his way toward a bar called Ned Peppers, Montgomery County Emergency Services spokeswoman Deb Decker said.

People were hanging out on a Saturday night, only to be met with a gunman trying to take their innocent lives. He killed 9 people and injured 26...in LESS than a minute! It was the 2nd mass shooting in less than 24 hours.

Luckily, there were Dayton police officers in the area when the shooting occurred, and they were able to respond in less than a minute of the shooting that went down in the streets of the Oregon Distrct.



Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley praised the first responding officers for their speedy response during a press conference. Had the officers not responded so quickly, “hundreds of people in the Oregon District could be dead today.”

The alleged gunman - who has not been identified yet - was shot and killed by responding officers, so 10 people total are dead following the shooting. It's reported he was dressed in body armor and was carrying a .223-caliber rifle with additional high-capacity magazines. He's believed to be the only shooter. The FBI is assisting with the investigation.

There is not motive at this time.

Watch Mayor Whaley's press conference below:



People who were in the area during the time of the shooting tweeted about the horrific moment they realized they were in the middle of a mass shooting:







So scary.

Hours before the Ohio shooting....

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A 21-year-old gunman opened fire in a crowded shopping area in El Paso, Texas, leaving 20 people dead and more than two dozen injured. Families were out buying school supplies during tax free weekend ahead of the first day of classes next week. Many of the victims were shot at a Walmart, according to police.

Police arrested the alleged shooter, a 21-year-old white man named Patrick Crusius from a suburb of Dallas, according to El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen. He's ALIVE.

Police are now investigating to see if he should be prosecuted for a hate crime. Authorities believe the gunman may have written a four-page document posted online that advocates white nationalist and racist views.

The FBI has opened a domestic terrorism investigation into the shooting, according to CNN.



Initial reports suggested there could be multiple gunman, however, the police now believe the man in custody is the only shooter. 2020 Democratic presidential candidate/Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke hopped on Twitter to respond to the shooting:



"Truly heartbreaking. Stay safe, El Paso. Please follow directions of emergency personnel as we continue to get more updates," he wrote.


Trump took to Twitter to address both shootings:



Folks have been sounding off on Twitter about the mass shootings and they're FED UP:





















This man risked his life to help save children during the mass shooting in El Paso:



True hero indeed.

Just days before these two mass shootings, a 19-year-old white male opened fire at Northern California’s Gilroy Garlic Festival, killing 3 people - including two children.

The Dayton, Ohio shooting is the 22nd mass killing in the United States in 2019. Something needs to be done to finally put an end to these senseless killings.

We send our condolences to everyone involved in all of the incidents where innocent lives were taken.

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