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WERK! New Mother Of Twins Returns To Class Just One Week After C-Section - Graduates College With TWO Degrees!

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Let's talk about #BlackExcellence, shall we?! Montoya Major is a real-life YBFer that we're stanning over! More about her incredible journey inside...

Motherhood has a way of showing ones true strength and perseverance. So many of us have stories about how our mothers made unbelievable sacrifices and provided us with the best lives they could.

It’s no secret that mothers can be super women and new mom/soon-to-be Bachelor’s and Master’s degree recipient, Montoya Major is one for sure! She has recently been in the spotlight because of her remarkable tenacity and perseverance as a graduate student and a new mommy.

Montoya gave birth to twin girls in May 2018 - one year and three months before she was scheduled to complete her masters program at Nova Southeastern University. If she stayed on track to graduate, she would complete her program with a Bachelor’s and Master’s.

After giving birth to her twins, whom she delivered via a c-section and missing just one week of classes, she was told by a professor that that was unacceptable. She was forced to return to school only a week after delivering twins.

Major, who became pregnant with twins just five months after beginning her classes, admitted via Facebook that the decision was trying and that there were times when she wanted to quit.

"I ALMOST GAVE UP! The Devil really had me," she wrote. "NOTHING could have prepared me for the journey that I've been through...Our program started off with 26 people and I am now 1 of 17 that will be graduating."

The 23-year-old new mom continued to transparently share some of the struggles she faced.

"I went to class every single day literally until the day I gave birth. I was determined to finish. Only after a week of giving birth via C-section I was back in class because I was told it was 'unacceptable that I missed a week of school,'" she said. 

Unfortunately for Major, the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 - which recommends new mothers get 12 weeks leave following giving birth - doesn't always apply to full-time students. And she couldn't rely on the help of family and friends because she was in Fort Lauderdale for school while her loved ones live in Mobile, Alabama.

"My grades dropped DRASTICALLY and my anxiety went through the roof," she continued. "I was so afraid of failing and losing everything and most importantly my kids. I honestly thought dropping out would be the best choice for me, but I knew I couldn't let my kids down and I was only giving the devil what he wanted."

The determined mother didn’t let any of that hold her back! She pushed through and is still on track to graduate ON TIME! On August 16th, Major graduates with a bachelor's degree in cardiovascular sonography and a master's in health science. Woot! She plans to move back to her hometown of Mobile, Alabama after she graduates to be closer to family while she raises her two daughters and looks for a job

Montoya and her one-year-old daughters will be celebrating mommy in a major way!







There is no strength like that if a black women, especially a black mother! We love that she not only accomplished her goals but she encouraged and empowered others to do the same, no matter the obstacles! Congratulations, Montoya! We are proud of your accomplishment and are excited about all of your success to come!

In the words of Beyonce, "I'm repping for the girls who taking over the world. Help me raise a glass for the college grads!"

Photos: Montoya's IG

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