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5 Years After Killing Eric Garner, Cop Daniel Pantaleo Is Fired - Here's What The Commissioner & The Garner Family Are Saying

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A long 5 years later, police officer Daniel Panteleo has been fired from his NYPD duties after he strangled Eric Garner to death on camera.  Details inside on the Commissioner's deicision and what the Garner family has to say.

We hope the Garner family and all those who have been fighting tirelessly for justice can breathe a little easier today, even though this is just the beginning.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill announced his decision this afternoon to fire Daniel Panteleo, the police officer accused of using a banned chokehold on the late Eric Garner during an arrest. The news comes just weeks after Panteleo was suspended earlier this month.  The nation has been calling for a full on firing, and the NYPD commissioner finally listened.

The Commissioner live streamedhis decision this afternoon, revealing the officer had been dismissed.  It's unclear if he will be hired in another city or state.

But we're not clapping for the Commissioner completely. He also alluded to the fact that if he still was a cop, he would be upset with his decision today of firing Daniel Pantaleo in this case. 

NY's Attorney General James spoke up on the right side of history:

The firing comes on the heels of a police administrative judge who recommended his firing after Panteleo presented his side of the case.

In the most unsurprising part of all of this, the Police Benevolent Association chief, known for his shady, bullying, dismissive and often racially charged talk, called for a "no confidence vote" in Mayor Deblasio and the Commissioner:

Eric Garner's family, including his daughter Emerald Garner, spoke about promising to continue to fight for justice and she also thanked the NYPD commissioner for his decision to fire Pantaleo:


We're so glad the family got their wish of Pantaleo being removed from the job, even though we agree that this still doesn't feel like justice.  Our hearts go out to the Garner family, and our condolences for their more recent losses of Eric Garner's stepfather and daughter.


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