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FOOTBALL DRAMA: The Raiders Reportedly Planning To Cut Antonio Brown, He Might Not Get His Guaranteed $30M Either

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NFL star Antonio Brown's antics may have cost him millions in GUARANTEED money, all after he got into a whole altercation with the General Manager of the Raiders. The fall out might be costly. Deets inside.

Antonio Brown may be getting dropped before he ever catches a pass for the Oakland Raiders, all after they traded some major things to get him from the Steelers. He and GM Mike Mayock got into it at practice, reportedly, and it stemmed from Antonio posting a $54K fine notice he received from the team after he skipped yet another practice.

If you watched HBO's "Hardknocks" this season, the show followed the Raiders' pre-season training camp - almost in real time - and it just wrapped Tuesday night. We get an inside peek into the players' personal lives and how hard they're battling to land a spot on the roster.  Antonio's baby's mother Chelsie and their kids also appear on this season, so we guess he cut out the side chick drama for good.

We won't get to see the inside look into what really went down between Antonio and (manager), but we've seen all season how higher ups on the Raiders have been treating Antonio with kid gloves all pre-season. They've been going out of their way to make excuses for him missed practices, caping for him after he got frostbite on his feet from a cryotherapy session - which kept him out of important pre-season training, and defending him against critics who said he's acting like a brat.  He's been demanding to use his now non-compliant old helmet style on his new team.

Now, this. According to sports reporter Adam Schefter, Mayock confronted Antonio at practice this week about him posting that fine notice, and all hell broke loose. Antonio had to be held back, allegedly, by one of his teammates. Today, news hit that the Raiders have supposedly had enough, and they're making plans to suspend him. Yup, the star they were banking on to give them a decent season.


Antonio's also already unfollowed both the Raiders and QB Derek Carr on Instagram. 

Antonio's agent said today nothing has been finalized, but the team did ask him to stay home today.

Here's the kicker - he might not even receive a dime of his multi year contract if it's a wrap for him on the Raiders. A suspension could void his $29M in 2+ year contract guarantees. If he does, in fact, become active on the Oakland roster on opening day, he would receive his $14.6M contractual guaranteed money for 2019 since he's a veteran.

Antonio's interesting Tweet yesterday makes it seems like he's keeping hope alive:

Coach Gruden, who has been caping for Antonio all pre-season too, had this to say today:

Mayock's take:

Stephen A. Smith summed it all up saying:

Even O.J. Simpson got in on this:

Lordt, when O.J. is a voice of reason.....


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