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Nicole Murphy Speaks For The First Time Since Cheating Scandal - Tells Wendy Williams It Was A 'Mistake' & Blames Social Media

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Well this is weird.  Nicole Murphy opened up for the first time today about that kissing scandal with married director Antoine Fuqua.  While she called it "a mistake," she also blamed social media for "blowing up" what was just a random peck in passing...according to her.


Her tall tales inside.

Sis.  We saw not one, but MULTIPLE pics of y'all parlaying in Italy at a movie festival.  Last we checked, you're not an actress.  But you swear you were there for business and that's why you happened to run into Antoine Fuqua?  Ok girl.

Nicole Murphy is ready to tell her side of THIS DRAMA, and we're raising both eyebrows at ya girl.


She slid over to the "Wendy Show" today to speak for the first time about the scandal, which she says wasn't a scandal at all.  She also debunked the official statement that was said to come from her camp, as well as LisaRaye McCoy's accusations that she cheated with her husband too.

Nicole told Wendy that the statement that was released on her behalf, stating Antoine is "just a family friend,' didn't come from her at all.  Huh?! She says someone else wrote that and that was never her story.

She also oddly doubles down on the kiss(es) we all saw in multiple pics, being just innocent "Oh, hey, how are you?!" type greetings.  She "ran into him" at the Ischia Global Fest, was jet lagged, and made a "bad decision" to even lean in the way she did.

Apparently, she thinks this is just social media making a mountain out of a molehill.  Because, apparently, we all damn near make out with people "we just know" when we happen to run into them.  And yes, she also denies being close friends with Antoine's actress wife Lela Rochon. She did publicly apologize to her on the show.  For what exactly, since she says nothing happened, we don't know.

After saying in one breath it was just an innocent peck Hello, she says in another breath she "should have done her research" because she was led to believe his situation was different than what it actually is. She refused to divulge about that even further.  Why she's trying to protect someone else's image who clearly left her out to dry, is beyond us.

So, was it more than just a kiss Hello, or nah?  Either way, she's doing the absolute most to make folks believe she's innocent in this.  As for Antoine, we know what innocent looks like, and our version of it ain't him either.

Check out Nicole's odd side of the story below:




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