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JUST MARRIED: Cassie & Alex Fine Tie The Knot!

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She's officially a married woman now!  The first pic from Cassie & Alex Fine's wedding inside.



Chick wasted no time.  And you gotta love it.  Trainer Alex Fine just proved what we all know deep down - if someone loves you and tells you they want to marry you and build a life with you, they actually do it.  If they actually mean it.

While we still don't know for absolute sure Cassie even wanted to marry her ex Diddy, how quickly and intentionally she's been moving with Alex surely makes us think it was a strong possibility.  And if she did, sis moved around and found someone whose actions matched their mutual desires.  And that deserves a hand clap.

Alex and Cassie announced their engagement and pregnancy just a few months ago.  Now, they've already made it official.

It's unclear of the exact wedding date, but their officiant just posted the pic this evening of them at the altar, with both chiming in on the comments expressing their love.




Cassie also shared a video of her baby bump today, which was taken a month ago:


The two have been sharing their life changing moments for us too.  And it's the sweetest:

Congrats Cassie & Alex! Photo: Instagram

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