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VIDEO: Malik Yoba Throws F-Bomb Laced Fit & Storms Out Of Interview After Being Asked About Accusations Of Sex With Underaged Trans Women

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Malik Yoba lost his whole sh-- during an interview with a media outlet Wednesday while he was on his "I'm a cis man who am trans attracted" tour.  Now, the very group he's been claiming to be standing up for over the last several weeks is questioning whether his motives and expertise are valid. 


Video of his f-bomb laced tirade inside.


Malik Yoba was finally confronted about those allegations from multiple trans women that he solicited sex from them and others while they were underaged.  We shared earlier this month about the stories Mariah Lopez had about having sex with him allegedly while she was underaged.  She was a sex worker.

For whatever reason, media outlets haven't really brought these allegations up to him, despite the fact many in the trans community have spoken out about how the timing of him being so vocally pro-trans is quite, interesting.  He started speaking out around the same time that the allegations were made, so folks wonder if this was his way of diverting attention or protecting his image. 

So when Malik made his way to The Root the week to discuss his participation in Thursday's upcoming Trans National Visibility March, one journalist, Terrell Starr, questioned him about it.  And ish went VERY left.


The Root explained the fury Malik unleashed after he was pressed about the allegations:


Yoba [7:34]: I say that, you know, when I heard that, and I actually didn’t read it until last Thursday, what she actually said, I don’t know the woman, number one…

The Root [7:44]: So, you’re saying you never met her, you don’t know her?

Yoba [7:47]: That’s exactly what I am saying. I don’t know her. I have no idea who she is. I am familiar with that pain, I’m familiar with that trauma. I’m familiar with people who are crying out for help. I’m familiar with the lack of regard for this population, which is, again, my point. So, when I heard it, for me, to hear something so heinous, right, number one, and to see someone post something with no proof of anything and to see the world embrace it, or a portion of the world embrace it, that toxicity, speaks exactly to the reason I do the work that I do.

So, it’s an oxymoron almost. It’s like wow, the first cis-gender man who stands up for the community and gets attacked by that community. But that’s true for anybody that’s ever stood up for oppressed people. It’s happened to Gandhi. It’s happened to Mandela. It’s happened to Marcus Garvey. It’s happened to Malcolm X. It’s happened to anyone who has said, ‘I am gonna stand up for these oppressed people.’ Think about who we are, right? There was a time we couldn’t drink from water fountains, we couldn’t sit on the bus. Think about how ridiculous that is. And so, for me, having a view of a community that I grew up with and seeing the suffering. The very thing that motivates me to help people out of it is something someone tried to accuse me of…

When The Root tried to interject, Yoba interrupted.

Yoba [9:11]: I wanna finish the point. So, the point is to be on the other side of that tells me that the work has to continue and the blessing will be greater because the truth will always outweigh a lie. Right? So the truth is people are suffering. The truth is there are kids in the street. Right? But the other truth is for my entire life, I am someone who has been working with young people since I was 16 years old, making sure that there are better pathways for other people, so, that’s a very loaded question for you to ask me that and we discussed that before.


Malik then started talking about his bullet wound he got on the streets of NYC and also how he could put himself in LGBT members' shoes because the "New York Undercover" actor had to go undercover as part of the community years ago....on TV.

When the interviewer wouldn't let Malik gloss over the accusations, ish got real.  He yelled F-bomb laced profanity, knocked over their equipment, and demanded the footage be given to him, then stormed out.

Yoba walked away from his chair, threw his microphone to the floor, yelled “fuck you” to this reporter and the production team and demanded that he be given the SD video cards that recorded the interview, which The Root’s producers refused to do.

Witnesses to Yoba’s profanity-laced meltdown were two video producers for The Root, two people representing Yoba, his 18-year-old daughter, and The Root’s senior video producer. Yoba’s publicists and The Root’s video producers tried to calm him down, but Yoba continued cursing until he finally left the studio.

Chile.  You can watch below:

Folks have been commenting about whether Malik was right to lash out:

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The Root reports that Malik's appearance at the upcoming Trans National Visibility March isn't being praised by everyone:

Trans activists have expressed concerns to The Root that Yoba has not demonstrated adequate knowledge to speak on behalf of trans issues and that his public statements are designed to elevate himself at trans people’s expense.



Photo: lev radin/Shutterstock.com

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