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Wendy Williams Seemingly Shades TF Out Of Estranged Husband’s Mistress – ‘SHE'S MISERABLE!’

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Wendy Williams got some things off her chest during her Hot Topics segment. And she seemingly fired shots at her estranged husband Kevin Hunter Sr.’s alleged mistress. Catch the tea inside….

Wendy Williams was cutting up on her daytime talk show today.

During her Hot Topics segment, Wendy discussed Topshop heiress Chloe Green & #PrisonBae Jeremy Meeks’ break up. She talked about when she first found out that Jeremy and Chloe were dating, she joked about him poking a hole in a condom to get her knocked up. Chloe def had his baby, but likely not the way Wendy suggested.

”Poke a hole in the condom and get pregnant. But that backfired on me didn’t it,” Wendy said as she picked up her mug of tea and sipped.

The 55-year-old TV host was referring to her estranged husband Kevin Hunter Sr. cheating and having a baby girl with his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson.

”I’m a fair game player and a straight shooter too,” she continued.

Wendy’s producer Suzanne Bass gave her props for “living her truth” and said she was proud of her.

”She regrets that the most though,” Wendy said, seemingly referring to Sharina having her husband’s baby. “Life is not what you think it is behind-the-scenes. TRUST. ME.”

The "straight shooter" then started acting as if she was cradling a baby, likely mimicking how Sharina is at home with her husband's new baby girl. 

"Home girl is mis-er-able! In the meantime, I’m over here like, ya know. That’s what you get.”


Is Kevin telling her these things about the condom and her being miserable, since she confirmed he's been trying to get her back? Is it believable? Or, is he lying (again)?

This isn’t the first time Wendy has spoken about her husband’s infidelity. Earlier this month, she talked about their uncoupling and said she was not in the business of raising someone else's child after being married for 22 years and being with Kevin Sr. for 25 years total.

The daytime talk show queen pulled the plug on their marriage, filing for divorce in April and the split was due to the fact Kevin Sr. had a baby outside of their marriage.

A mess.

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