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WATCH: Transgender Woman Pops Off During LGBTQ Town Hall Event

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A transgender woman went slam off during a LGBTQ Town Hall event on CNN. Watch her steal the show inside…

The LGBTQ community is boldly speaking out about their issues.

Last night, CNN hosted a LGBTQ town Hall and one transgender woman grabbed everyone’s attention to shed light on issues the LGBTQ deal with. While presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke was on stage, a black transgender woman – named Blossom Brown - got up, snatched the mic from another woman who was about to ask a question and started going off about the plight of black transgender women – an issue she feels politicians are ignoring.

"Black trans women are dying, our lives matter!" Blossom yelled. "I am an extraordinary black trans woman, and I deserve to be here," she said, and the crowd clapped.

"I am tired. I am so tired ... It's not just my black trans women, it's my black trans brothers too. And I'm going to say what I'm going to say," she continued.

CNN moderator Don Lemon tried to calm Blossom down, saying, “Blossom, let me tell you something. The reason that we're here is to validate people like you.”

"Not one black trans woman has taken the mic tonight. Not one black trans man has taken the mic tonight," Blossom said, referring to a lack of black transgender people asking questions by that point in the town hall.

Check it:



After the town hall meeting...



Beto O’Rourke thanked Blossom for the exchange in a tweet, writing,

”Blossom, thank you for making your voice heard tonight. We will hold a town hall focused on trans women of color. And I hope you’ll be there.”

LGBTQ protestors also popped out during Peter Buttigieg's portion as well:






Photo: YouTube Screenshot

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