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Immature’s Romeo Confirms An Altercation With Brandy Was The Reason He Had To Wear An Eyepatch – FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED!

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The truth behind an R&B rumor has been confirmed. It’s Brandy’s fault Immature singer Romeo had to wear an eyepatch. Find out what happened inside…

Rumor has it Brandy was the reason Immature singer Romeo had to wear an eyepatch. And guess what? It’s true, at least, according to Romeo.

Romeo def stood out in the boy band as he was the one who wore the eyepatch over his eye. It was his signature piece. The ladies were still all over him. We can’t lie, everybody was crushing on him back in the day.



Turns out, singer Brandy was apparently the reason Romeo (real name Jerome Jones) wore his signature eyepatch over his eye. During an interview on Nick Cannon’s Power 106 radio show – the first one in 20 years for the group – Romeo revealed it was Brandy who injured his eye, which later forced him to keep it covered.

”Obviously everybody knows you was always rocking the eye patch. There was the rumor that Brandy did that is that true?,” Nick Cannon asked.

“Yeah that’s a true story,” Romeo responded. “Yeah, her and Half Pint had got into it. She had a book in her hand, just tossed it back, not thinking anyone or I was that close. Cut my retina, detached it. And the lens to the eye had fell out and Brandon Adams caught it. He was there with us. So, he’s standing there holding my lens. He’s not knowing what’s going on. Marc come in and we were trying to hide it.”

OH.EM.GEE. The lens from his eye came out!

His bandmate Marques Houston then chimed in:

“I was like ‘What’s going on?’ Rome is on the bed. I’m like what’s going on? Rome is like, ‘Nothing. Nothing.’ Brandy’s like, ‘He don’t want to get me in trouble. Nothing, nothing.’ I immediately went and got Chris. ‘Something happened to Rome.’ Told Chris is was an accident and we took Rome to the hospital.

That’s crazy.

Peep the clip below: 



Yes, it was an accident, so Romeo didn’t take it to heart. On a track he released from his solo career “Look Down On Me,” he addressed the situation and made it clear he still had nothing but love for Brandy following the incident.

"I remember when Brandy Norwood hit me in my eye/I had an attach regna my lens came out I had to have 3 eye surgeries/And she thought we'll never be cool again/But I put that on my life/I love her to death/If she hear me talking, I know she can hear the honesty in my voice and my sincerity"

Aww! That's what's up! Still all love.



You can listen to their full interview where they talked about their upcoming reunion tour, their relationship with B2K (or lack thereof), social media and more below:

Photos: Kathy Hutchins/Shuttershock.com/Romeo’s IG

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