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BOO'D OFF! Drake Was The Surprise Performer At Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, But The Crowd Wanted Frank Ocean. Disrespect Ensued.

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Damn homie.  Tyler The Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival was blessed with Champagne Papi last night, but the crowd basically said Nah.  We don't want it.  The utter disrespect that caused Drake to cut his set short and walk off stage inside.

UPDATE: Tyler has posted about his disappointment in his fans in a lengthy Twitter rant condemning what they did.  He also changed his bio:


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In the words of Destiny's Child: At first it started out real cool. The anti-establishment crowd at Dodger Stadium for Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival last night reportedly was cheering when Drake was first introduced.  Then, ish went left. And a little quiet.

Tyler (at the bottom of the vid vibing out in the hat) was feeling Drake's set and didn't care that others weren't.

By the way, Tyler organizes this festival himself every year and only asks artists he likes to come out to perform.

Then, after wrapping a few songs, Drake checked in with the crowd to see if they wanted him to keep going.  They made it known they didn't, so he made it known he was cutting out early, and walked off to Boo's and his next record playing.


Oop. At least he cut that ish short with class, i.e. how he used to close out his first tour shows.

At the end of another video, you can hear the crowd chanting "We Want Frank!"

Apparently, rapper Lil Uzi was also reportedly boo'd off stage.  Summer Walker, H.E.R., Solange, 21 Savage, Juice WRLD, Daniel Caeser, Willow Smith, F.K.A. wigs and others also peformed, but no reports of boo's for them.

Everybody on Twitter is shocked and dismayed by the disrespect:

We guess Frank & Tyler's fans are more TikTok than Twitter because we didn't see nan a defense of the crowd's actions. So what type of weird a-- teeny bop fans are these, might you ask?

And there you have it. It's all good though. Drake might drop a half a tear in his million dollar whip on the way to his multi million dollar crib where he'll get it off his chest on another chart topping track that's a whole diss to Tyler's fans.

We know one person who probably appreciated all this though....


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