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NEW BOD, WHO DIS? Tiffany 'New York' Pollard Took Her Implants Out Due To Sickness, Talks Plastic Surgery With Black Ink's Donna

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Tiffany "New York" Pollard is known for her lady lumps, but chick had to have them removed due to an illness. See her new look, plus her plastic surgery talk with "Black Ink's" Donna Lombardi and more inside...

Reality star Tiffany “New York” Pollard is known for her signature lady lumps. Sis loved to show them off in sexy clothing, however, the former “Flavor of Love” star had to get rid of them. The reason? She got sick.

”The Brunch With Tiffany” host realized she was having health issues that were caused by her implants. On a recent episode of “Botched,” New York told doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow that she was experiencing symptoms associated with breast implant illness (also called BII) that included, “diarrhea every morning like clockwork,” as well as dizziness and panic attacks. Yikes.



Tiffany revealed she had a friend who suffered from some of the same symptoms and once she got her implants taken out, the symptoms disappeared, so she put two-and-two together to come to the conclusion that her implants were the culprit to her illness.

As expected, Tiffany was worried she would lose her curves, but she still believes she can carry the self-proclaimed HBIC label with her naturalness.

“Can I see myself as the HBIC and be organic? I believe I can do it,” she said before questioning herself “can I do it?”

Peep clips from Tiffany's "Botched" episode below:

In another interview...

New York invited "Black Ink's" Donna Lombardi to chop it up on her show "Brunch With Tiffany" where she asked Donna if her body was real. The "Black Ink" star had no problem sharing what she had done to her body and offered up an interesting reason why she has (or had) love handles.

"I've always had hips and a little booty, but I had love handles. My dad is a white man. So I did, I went and got some lipo and then I got it added to my butt."

"Because your dad is white? What does that have to do with anything?," Tiffany asked.

"Because love handles come from white people. I'm for sure," Donna explained.

Well alright.

Peep the full interview above  where Donna talks about her boyfriend Alex and their sex life, becoming an art teacher and more.


Photos: Tiffany's IG

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