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Has More Popeyes FOOLERY Diminished Demand?! Employee Arrested For Body Slamming Woman Who Called Him A ‘N*gger’ + Owner Apologizes For Trash Can Chicken Sandwiches

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The Popeyes chicken sandwich drama continues. Get the latest inside…

Yes, the Popeyes chicken sandwich foolery is still in full effect across the nation.

A Popeyes employee in Columbia, Tennessee has reportedly been charged with aggravated assault and arrested after a video showing a woman being body slammed outside the store went viral.

Watch it go down here:



It’s reported the woman got into an altercation with the employees and hurled the n-word, which is what led to what you see in the video above. Of course, the woman is singing a different tune.  Here's video of the white woman calling the Popeyes employees "n*ggers" below:




According to her attorney, Rocky McElhaney, he claims his 55-year-old client had gone to Popeyes to receive a refund after she discovered that she had been charged twice for an earlier order. Her attorney claims she was called “an ugly broke-down cracker” and was assaulted.

The white woman didn't suffer any consequences, however, 29-year-old, Deriance Hughes, was arrested and is now facing aggravated assault charges.

Looks like this will have to be sorted out in court and we hope the TRUTH is what prevails because we all know how the system is once they see white against black.

Then there's this...



A Popeyes employee was spotted making chicken sandwiches over a trash can. OMG.

According to TMZ, who recently reported demand for the chicken sandwhich has diminished over the past week, it happened at a Popeyes restaurant in Fairfax, VA. A customer snapped a picture of an employee behind the counter making chicken sandwiches on top of a tray that's sitting on top of a large trash bin. Bruh.

The location's owner sent a statement to TMZ to explain, saying on this particular day, the restaurant was overwhelmed after only having been open a few days, and then getting slammed with a 100 chicken sandwich order. He claims after he saw the employee making sandwiches over the trash - which was reportedly empty - he immediately ordered another table, which is in the store now. Hmph.


 photo popeyesjail1.png

While folks are out here fighting over chicken sandwiches, people in jail are getting to taste the chicken sandwich thanks to somebody sneaking some possible contraband.

 photo popeyesjails2.png

Folks who still haven't gotten their hands on a sandwhich (and want to) are SICK. 

Well, alright.

This also happened at a Maryland Popeyes:





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Photo: NYC Russ / Shutterstock.com

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