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Will.I.Am Could Possibly Face A Lawsuit Over Airline Racism Claims + The Veronicas Back Him Up

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Will.i.am had a bad experience – which he believes was rooted in racism - on Qantas Airlines and tweeted about it. Now, he could be facing a lawsuit. Deets on what went down, plus what singers The Veronicas said that seemingly back his claims inside…

Will.i.am could possibly be in hot water after an incident that went down on Qantas Airline recently.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman (seen above departing Sydney International Airport with Black Eyed Peas band member Apl.de.ap on an Air New Zealand flight to Auckland) was on a Qantas Airline flight from Brisbane to Sydney, but he ended up being escorted off the plane by five police officers. He claims the female flight attendant, who he said was “overly aggressive” and “beyond rude,” targeted him because he was black.

Apparently, he was wearing noise-cancelling headphones and he didn’t hear the flight attendant’s instructions to put away all electronics. After he didn’t move fast enough for her, she ended up calling the cops on him and he was escorted off the plane.  We guess a quick shoulder tap like they all do was out of the question.

Soon after, he hopped on Twitter to air out his frustrations with the airline, tagging them and posting the flight attendants name in a series of tweets:



"I did comply quickly and politely, only to be greeted by police. I think I was targeted," he tweeted.

He mentioned other passengers on the plane felt she was doing the most as well:





Twitter users called him out for posting the woman's name and for airing out the details of what happened to his 12.8 million Twitter followers instead of filing a personal complaint with the airline: 









Now, will.i.am could be facing a lawsuit. A spokesperson for Qantas Airlines told CNN that they are prepared to sue him if he refuses to retract the racially charged accusations.

“Absent a retraction, and if the crew member wanted to take the matter further, we’d certainly be willing to provide legal support for them to do this,” the spokesperson told the publication.

By the way, The Black Eyed Peas are in Australia as a part of the band's 2019-20 world tour.

The Veronicas also had an issue with the exact same female flight attendant over luggage and they too were escorted off the plane.

The Daily Mail reports:

Jess and Lisa Origliasso [The Veronicas] were themselves removed from a Sydney to Brisbane flight in September after a disagreement with staff over luggage.

They asked a flight attendant for help manoeuvring a bag in the overhead locker, but were refused because it was against company policy.

A fellow passenger helped instead but later after they were seated, they claimed two flight attendants came over and lectured them, then ordered them off the plane.

The singers claim one of the employees was the same one will.i.am claimed was 'racist' and aggressive' towards him on his flight on Saturday.

After catching wind of will.i.am's incident, they posted a statement supporting the Black Eyed Peas artist:

 photo veronicas1.jpg

It's reported The Veronicas ended up deleting their Twitter account after posting the statement.

Will.i.am hasn't retracted his claims, but he did hop back on Twitter to ask his fans not to bully the female flight attendant:







In an interview with Australia's The Daily Telegraph, he said he doesn't want the flight attendant to lose her job over the incident, however, he feels she should "be retrained on how to deal with people."

A mess.

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