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Omarion Gave Fizz A Birthday Present Today - A Millennium Tour 2020 Announcement WITHOUT B2K

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Omarion may have been acting like the most unbothered person on earth ever since his B2K groupmate and baby's mother -  Fizz and Apryl Jones - started their situationship.  But clearly he was planning some ish behind the scenes to show us how he really feels.  O's cold AF ice box inside.

It's Fizz's 34th birthday!  While we highly doubt he got a Happy Birthday text from his (former?) homie Omarion, we do know he got another type of message from him.  O posted the first Millennium Tour 2020 announcement today - and B2K is no longer a part of it.  Bloop.

It seems Fizz and co. have been replaced with Bow Wow.  Because, chess.  Not checkers.




If O couldn't hit him in the media because he would look bitter as all hell, he certainly hit him in the pockets where it can't help but hurt.

B2K was part of the first Millennium Tour, so we're sure they believed they would be part of any subsequent Millennium Tours.  But O basically said "Nah."

We were wondering how O & Fizz would handle being on tour together with Fizz now openly dating his ex and mother of his 2 kids. Guess we won't ever know....


Millennium Tour 2020 tix go on sale next month.


Photos: Omarion's IG


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