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NO HOLDS BARRED! Yvette Nicole Brown & Isaiah Washington Engage In A Brutal Twitter War About Racism, Coonery & More!

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Whew lawd! Yvette Nicole Brown and Isaiah Washington engaged in a war of words on Twitter and neither one of them held anything back. It got dirty! Peep their exchange inside...



Something must have been in the air over the holidays because actress Yvette Nicole Brown and actor Isaiah Washington (a known Republican/Trump supporter) got into it via Twitter and things got uber heated.

Yvette Nicole Brown – who plays a character in the new remake of Disney's Lady and the Tramp – posted the announcement about Isaiah Washington landing his own Fox Nation series. Honestly, it’s no surprise as he has been vocal about leaving the Democratic party for the Republican party and wanting to help Trump “Make America Great Again.”

“Did I call this or what? Not even surprised that this particular dude said yes to dancing w/ the alt-right. Black voter disenfranchisement is on the menu for sure! Remember children, all money ain’t good money & not all skin folks are kin folk," she tweeted with a link to a article about his new gig.

Days after she posted this tweet. All hell broke loose...on THANKSGIVING.

While awaiting their Thanksgiving feasts, Yvette and Isaiah went back and forth on Twitter after Isaiah called her out for calling him a "coon" and saying he was "dancing for dollars."

"No dear @YNB I'm a Midnight Gutter Coon. Listen, I Followed you so we can perhaps have a chat before I drag you. I could easily drag a 48 year female that is currently starring in a @Disneyuniverse @disneyplus film #LadyAndTheTramp I know Disney hates scandals, so just move on," he tweeted.

Ish took a turn for the worse, as they both got low while debating, calling each other "clowns (using the emoji), fools, and more. YNB accused Isaiah of selling his soul to FOX.

They made low blows, clowning each other's resumes:

YNB even called him out for be "unemplpyed":

Their exchange gets pettier and pettier by the minute. Watch it go down below: 
















Whew, chile! All of this on Thanksgiving! A whole mess.  Thoughts?


Photos: Eugene Powers / Kathy Hutchins /Shutterstock.com

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