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Cardi B. & Offset Claim They Were Hacked After Bartender Suing Cardi Reveals New Cheating Text, Folks Aren't Buying The Couple's Claim

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Offset is back to his Instagram DM sliding ways, this according to Tekashi 69's girlfriend Jade who showed the receipts of Offset trying to get at her.  But according to Offset - well, Cardi B. - he was hacked. More of the foolery folks aren't buying inside.


Listen, most folks had already told Cardi that "once a cheater, always a cheater" anecdote.  She wasn't trying to hear it back when Offset was caught doing his dirt, and she's certainly not trying to hear it now after she's taken him back.

Jade - the bartender who is suing Cardi for allegedly jumping her and her sis at work because the rapper thought Offset was cheating with her - posted a very interesting screen capture (above).  You can see an IG DM from Offset saying he misses her. Oop.  But what you should also pay attention to is the time of day.

Just as the receipt became a trending topic, Cardi hopped on Instagram within minutes to entertain the bullsh*t (after she said in her caption she wasn't going to entertain the bullsh*t).

She says THEY just woke up - and you can see Offset quiet while bouncing Baby Kulture in the background - because they're both sick.  But they were also hacked, and that explains why someone wrote that message to Jade from Offset's account.


Mmhmm. But not everyone's buying this excuse. Including Jade.  She posted in response:




 photo Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 4.15.40 AM.png  photo Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 4.15.35 AM.png




Who do you believe?!


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