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The YBF PODCAST: MONOGAMY! Jill Marie Jones, Wesley Jonathan & The Creators Of The Sexiest Black Love Swap On TV Get UNFILTERED

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When Craig Ross Jr. was asked what he had for breakfast during our mic check - and he responded with "My wife" - we knew what type of ish we were about to get into on this here episode! From soulmates to couple swapping to hall passes to vibrators to selfish sex, we cooked up some heated discussions.


Natasha chops it up with Jill Marie Jones (*screams in black girl excitement*), Wesley Jonathan & the creators of "Monogamy" on the latest episode of The YBF Podcast! Listen now!

Natasha sat down with not just 1 or 2 talented YBFers, but a total of 4 immensely talented creatives! Let's just say it was a lively epi (full of mouth-dropping responses) and the most amount of guests we've ever had on The YBF Podcast in one episode!

Natasha gets into a completely unfiltered chat with the real life power couple and the talented duo Craig Ross Jr. & Caryn Ward Ross. The director (who is also behind Blue Hill Avenue) and actress (who is also a classically trained Alvin Ailey dancer with multiple acting credits) are behind the UMC/Amazon Prime HIT series "Craig Ross Jr.'s Monogamy." The twosome reveal how they came up with the couple-swapping plot after some angry fighting and even angrier sex. Plus, why finding YOURSELF before hopping into a relationship is the key to it all.

We also get a chance to chat it up with one of The YBF's day 1 supporters and always-working actors, Wesley Jonathan. The now married dad of 1 drops a few 'man gems' on what men really are thinking and wanting out of relationships & situationships, his own ho-like past, plus what he learned from some of his former famous exes. We also find out if he's rolling into the Millennium II tour to see his former Roll Bounce co-star and if he's #TeamFizzandApryl or #TeamOmarion!


Finally, Natasha had a moment with one of her favorite YBF Chicks: Former "Girlfriends" star Jill Marie Jones! Find out what Natasha said to her to make her teary, what Jill Marie thinks a "Girlfriends" movie or reboot would look like (spoiler alert: Toni & Joan are still beefin'!), and why she is finally open to love and monogamy in her real life now that she's at one with herself!

This episode could've been a whole day-long seminar with the cast & stars. Just honest 'grown folks' conversations about the things that either make our lives uber enriching or just drive us insane - love, sex & relationships.



Watch seasons 1 & 2 of Craig Ross Jr.'s "Monogamy" on UMC via Amazon Prime now! It also stars Darius McCrary, Brian White, Vanessa Simmons & more!

(Correction: In podcast episode it was stated that you could access the series with an Amazon Prime membership.  This actually is not the case for this particular content.  You must sign up for a UMC account to access UMC content on Prime.)

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