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LET THEM LIVE! Meghan, Harry & Archie Share ADORABLE Christmas Card, But Folks Accuse Them Of Photoshop & The Queen Erases Them From Her Christmas Address

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The Duke & Duchess of Sussex are celebrating Baby Archie's first Christmas, and, of course, folks have to rain on their Royal parade.  Get into their uber cute digital Christmas card and the shade the British press - and even Queen Elizabeth - seem to be throwing.

How cute!

We finally get to be up close and personal with Baby Archie, who is now 7 months old, thanks to Meghan & Harry's super cute family Christmas Card.

The Sussexes shared the adorableness with the masses yesterday, featuring mom and dad watching on in the background as Archie (rocking a £65 cashmere onesie from the British brand Bode) stares directly into the camera while crawling toward it.



So cute!

But, of course, even at Christmas folks have something to say.

British press and "fans" are now wondering if the pic is photoshopped - pointing out blurry aspects of the photo (which originated as a GIF by the way so it can sometimes have blurry effects).


The twosome a reportedly currently celebrating the holiday in Canada with Meghan's mom Doria on a six-week break from duty, something the Brits seem to have a problem with as it's not the typical Royal protocol of spending it at Buckingham Palace. So this nitpicking of sorts could be because of them being salty.

The Daily Mail - of course - reported:

Meghan's face appears significantly more in focus than that of Prince Harry in the picture, despite them both being roughly the same distance behind Archie.

Social media was abuzz overnight with people discussing whether the photo had been edited, with one saying: 'Check out Meghan's face, it is Photoshopped. Her face is clear and everything else is blurred. Archie's is also photo shopped.'

Another tweeted: 'This is quite possibly the worst Photoshopped picture I have ever seen. And again with the black and white.'

Sigh.  Then, when the Queen gave her annual Christmas address, she oddly left out Meghan, Harry & Archie's picture while proudly showcasing the rest of the family's.


Her Christmas speech is always given behind a table filled with pics of the royals - William, Kate, the kids, Philip were all there. But no Meghan and Harry. And obviously, no Prince Andrew after his Jeffrey Epstein affiliation debacle that has now found him banished from the Royal Family.

It's odd. But at least the Sussexes are getting some low key support from Will & Kate who liked the Christmas Card from their official Twitter account.

The Queen also remarked 2019 has felt "quite bumpy." Word.

Why won't folks let Meghan & Harry live?!


Photo: InSTAR

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