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The Only Golden Globes Surprises We Cared About - Beyoncé & Jay-Z Walked In Fabulously Late With Their Own Champagne + Ricky Gervais Read 'Racist' Hollywood For Filth

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We were on the fence about Beyoncé's Golden Globes look last night, but now that we've seen it straight on pics - in addition to her and Jay's BDE bringing their own stash to the show - we're here for it. The only surprises we cared about from the GG's are inside.


Oh yes. Nothing less than couture for the Queen. Beyoncé rocked custom Schiaparelli Haute Couture designed by Daniel Roseberry and styled by YBF chick Zerina Akers for last night's Golden Globes. And it was perfectly Texas pageant worthy like chick loves.

Folks had given up hope that Globes nominee Beyoncé would show up, until she and Jay-Z floated in fashionably late - and with their own drank.


Apparently they arrived just as Ellen Degeneres was receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award and just before Bey's category was announced.  We can't even blame them, especially since these Award shows often don't give our girl her due anyway.

But what everybody was talking about was them walking in with their own bottles of champagne - to the most champagne filled Awards show in Hollywood.  Ha!

Bey's bodyguard Julius was spotted carrying in two bottles of what looks liek Ace of Spades, because we all know Jay isn't about to be caught on tv cameras drinking the competition - Moet, which spnsors the Globes every year and is flowing EVERYWHERE quite freely.

Aparently, everybody hit up their table for a little sip too.  From Jen Aniston to Reese Witherspoon to J.Lo.  Jay was seen pouring glasses for everybody at their table as well. 

Gotta love it.  But the balls you gotta have to ask King Bey anything though....




The twosome were spotted leaving just minutes after their arrival:

Had to get back to them fifty-leven kids. Meanwhile, host Ricky Gervais most def is over hosting the Globes. every year it's a running joke that he won't get asked back, but this time, he might be right. Ha.

He opened with a monologue telling Hollywood to basically get over themselves. He also called out the Hollywood Foreign Press (the voting body of the Globes) for their racism, especially seeing that the nominee slate this year was even more white than usual.

But the mansplaining about not talking politics wasn't heeded by folks like Michelle Williams, who used her acceptance speech to encourage women to vote in their best interest since men ALWAYS do. (We hear that, chick!)

Check it.


Photos: Beyonce/Twitter

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