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Monique Pressley – Bill Cosby’s Ex Lawyer – Defends Herself Against Suspension From The Bar Over Allegations Of Misappropriation of Funds

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Bill Cosby’s ex-attorney, Monique Pressley, is speaking out after reports were released that she was suspended indefinitely due to misappropriating funds from clients. Find out her side inside…


Attorney Monique Pressely – who stepped away from representing Bill Cosby during his sexual assault case in 2016 - is clapping back at reports that claim she has been suspended from practicing law indefinitely for allegedly misappropriating funds.

According to the Daily Mail, three of Monique's former clients have come forward to accuse her of taking thousands of dollars in retainer fees and using the funds for personal expenses. Apparently, the retainer fee money was supposed to be deposited in an escrow fund, however, they claim she took the checks, cashed them, and deposited into her husband’s business account without doing substantial work. Oh?

It’s reported Monique was suspended from practicing law in Washington D.C. back in August 2019. The suspension was reportedly “based on disability” after a disciplinary counsel presented “clear and convicting evidence” of her alleged misconduct and suggested she be disbarred. Hate to see it.


Here are the complaints made against her:

First complaint: Pressley made fellow church member feel 'victimized' after taking $8k and having her husband work the case - despite him not being a lawyer.

Second complaint: Pressley drove client to the bank to have him pay her $2,400 in cash.

Third complaint: Pressley spent client's $15,000 from their son's suspicious death case in a matter of days.

More details about each complaint can be found here.

The report also claims Monique was served with a “specification of charges” in July of 2018 and that she was served again in October 2018, but she never filed “an answer to charges brought against her despite being given several opportunities to do so.” Yikes.

Now, she’s speaking out to address the reports of misconduct.

In a statement to theJasmineBrand, she claims the allegations made against her are NOT true and she’s looking forward to defending herself.

“The allegations against me of impropriety are unequivocally not true," she said. "The claim that my suspension due to disability is because of the allegations made against me is false.”

Throughout her career, she claims she has never been disciplined for misconduct.

“In the 22 years I have been practicing law, I have not once been disciplined by the bar for improper conduct—not a suspension, not even a letter of reprimand. As soon as I am able, I look forward to the opportunity to defend against these charges,” she added.


It sounds like she most def has been suspended, just not for the reasons initially reported, according to her. If not these reasons, then what's the real tea?


Photos: Monique's IG/FameFlynet


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