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Lira Galore Supposedly Wants A Restraining Order Against QC's Pierre Thomas - PEEP HIS RESPONSE

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Former couple Lira Galore and Pierre “Pee” Thomas are still going at it. Now, Lira is reportedly seeking a restraining order against her daughter’s father and he’s sounding off about it on social media. More inside…

This mess of a situation is getting messier!

Last month, IG model Lira Galore came out with abuse accusations at the hands of her daughter’s father/ Quality Control Music CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas while she was PREGNANT with his child. Now, she wants him far away from her as possible as she’s supposedly seeking a restraining order. Allegedly.

According to TMZ, Lira is potentially seeking a protective order against Pee because she claims he exhibited “menacing behavior” during a custody court hearing last week as they battle it out over their 9-month-old daughter, Khalessi.



In the paperwork she filed last month, Lira made claims that Pee physically assaulted her in 5 separate altercations. She said the QC honcho “punched her in the face, threw her to the ground, began choking her and punched her in the head so many times, she developed knots.” During one altercation, he allegedly snatched her engagement ring off of her finger, dislocating her finger. And she served up pictures of her injuries. She’s seeking at least $15 million for her injuries and sole custody of their daughter.

So, what happened in court that has Lira all shook up? She claims Pee kept trying to speak to her in court, including approaching her in an "intimidating nature" and attempted to get her phone number. On top of that, she claims he was caught taking pictures of her and kept glaring at her from across a conference room that made her “extremely uncomfortable.”

There’s more…

Lira says when she and her lawyer tried to leave the room, Pee blocked the doorway and harassed her. She says they had to get a deputy to escort her out of the building.

Galore claims the ordeal was traumatic for her and says even her lawyer "for the first time in her legal career, felt unsafe in the courtroom." She's asking for a court order to keep Pee 100 yards away and to not have any contact with her.

Due to their alleged violent past, Lira claims she’s “terrified” of Pee and his court antics only intensified those feelings.

Pee has denied abusing Lira in the past, claiming she’s just after his money. He filed his own paperwork with the courts with claims that Lira was “physically violent towards him” when she was allegedly abusing various drugs. In May, Pee filed paperwork to resolve custody and in December Lira filed her counterclaim with the abuse allegations.


The Quality Control honcho hopped on social media and said this is nothing more than a clout chasing attempt and even alluded to her doing this to create a storyline for reality television.

”Yea right like somebody really trying to be around her. Desperation for money making people do anything for some clout. If this is about a TV show or sum I will help get a agent. I just want to see my daughter. #FreeBabyK,” he wrote.

Pee also hopped on his IG Stories with the same message:








Someone laced Lira with flowers today. She blocked out the letter that accompanied her gift. 

This is getting ugly...

Photo: Prince Williams/ATLpics.net


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