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Future Files Lawsuit Against (Alleged) Daughter’s Mom For Talking About His Sex Game – Here’s The Interview That Made Him Mad!

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Future is big mad his alleged daughter’s mom Eliza Reign is talking about his sex game, so he filed a lawsuit in an attempt to get her stop. Find out what she claims he’s working with, plus details from the suit inside…

Future is MADT!

While the “Life Is Good” rapper is parlaying with his new main squeeze Lori Harvey, his alleged daughter’s mom Eliza Reign (real name Eliza Seraphin) is spilling tea on his sex game and he’s not happy about it. So, he’s getting the courts involved.

According to TMZ, the ATL rapper filed a lawsuit against Eliza (the alleged mother of his 7th child) for defamation and invasion or privacy. Future still hasn’t taken a paternity test for Eliza’s daughter (named Reign Wilburn), so it still hasn’t been legally confirmed if he’s the father. The site reports:


According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Future claims Eliza's sharing intimate facts about him from their private sexual relationship in order to gain clout and squeeze money outta him.

Future doesn't address whether he's the father to Eliza's child, but he says they had a sexual relationship from 2016 to 2018 and claims he never would have slept with her in the first place if he knew she would kiss and tell.

Or, how about just wear a condom?

The report continues:

In the docs, Future claims Eliza gave a vivid description of his genitals during an interview on Rah Ali's Onsite on Stationhead and then blasted it out to her Instagram followers.

In the suit, Future also claims Eliza is spreading lies about him on social media -- like the time she claimed he hired someone to murder her because she wouldn't get an abortion -- and claims it's hurting his brand and causing substantial emotional distress.

Future wants a court to stop Eliza from trashing his name publicly and he's going after her for damages.

The interview Future is referring to in the suit is an interview Eliza did last month with former “Love & Hip Hop” star Rah Ali.

In the interview, Eliza explained she met Future in 2012 after booking him for a club hosting gig. They ended up starting an unprotected sexual relationship that lasted for two years before she became pregnant…allegedly with his baby. Eliza made it clear she and Future were “homies,” she wasn’t a “one night stand,” and that she was not having unprotected sex with a stranger.

“People were saying and thinking ‘Oh, you were a one night stand.’ No. We’ve known each other. He had given be business advices," she said.

Business advices? Chile…

Eliza said everything was cool between her and Future up until she filed for child support for her daughter when the baby was four months old. Before her baby was born, she said Future told her to hit him up when the baby was born and they would get a paternity test. She said he also told her that she wouldn’t be having a baby with him, she would be having a "baby with the court" system. Fans accused her of stealing his last name when she posted pictures of the baby, tagging an Instagram account named Reign Wilburn. She said there’s no reason for her to steal his last name. 

“When I was pregnant, a month before I had Reign we spoke and he specifically stated ‘When the baby coming let me know, I’m going to come to the hospital and if the baby is mine whatever child support we agree on, I’m going to pay it. So it’s no reason for me to steal a last name.”

Eliza said she gave her baby his last name because she’s from the islands and that’s just what they believe. By the time Baby Reign turned four months old, she said Future pretty much ghosted her.

Previously, she made claims that Future threatened her when she told him she was pregnant with his baby. She said he wanted her to have an abortion, but when she refused, he allegedly put a bounty out on her life.

When she was asked if the sex was good, she said,

“He’s lazy in the bed. He’s a lazy f*ck. You have to put it on him. You have to f*ck him,” she shared.

Lazy?! Lordt. Eliza then got up and grabbed what appeared to be a shampoo bottle and compared his penis size to it.

Eliza then spilled MORE tea, making claims that she was one of FOUR women pregnant at the same damn time. Sheesh!

Eliza said she never wanted to get the courts involved, but he “forced” her hand. As for his new relationship, she said she doesn’t care that Future is living it up with his new girlfriend Lori Harvey.

”As far as Lori, she’s a confirmed City Girl and I’m very entertained,” she said.

She accused Future of canceling court dates to take trips, which is the reason why they still haven’t determined paternity of Baby Reign.

Peep the interview below starting at the 26:45-minute mark:

If you haven't heard, another woman named Cindy Renae Parker filed paperwork against Future with claims that he's the father of her son, Legend Ary Wilburn. She made similar claims that Future ghosted her after she told him she was pregnant. 


In December 2019, Eliza and Cindy teamed up to have their children take DNA tests to prove Future IS the father. The results came back that Reign and Legend are 99.9% half siblings.

If Baby Legend is his, he will be his 8th child.

In an interview with Big Boy of Big Boy’s Neighborhood last year, the Dirty Sprite rapper revealed he wants MORE kids, specifically boys. Yes, he wants more kids as if he doesn't have enough already.

“I gotta have more kids. I don’t want no girls. I got one girl. Me and my boys, we are like best friends," he said.

“I’m building my legacy. I hustle for my last name. You got to understand when you have a girl, they give away your last name. My sons, I’m just thinking about we got all our last names; it’s gonna be huge. When like, 50 years, 60 years from now, you going to speak of me. You going to speak of my legacy. And that’s what you do. This is what I worked for. Why would you work, have all this and just to leave it with one kid. And then something happen and there is no more of y’all.”


He also confirmed his son Hendrix Wilburn with Joie Chavis is Baby #6, so Eliza's daughter would be Baby #7 and Cindy's son would be Baby #8 - if he's proven to be the father. That means he would have 8 children with 7 different women. Whew.

Check it at the 20:20-minute mark below:


Photos: stock_photo_world / Shutterstock.com/Eliza's IG

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