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MOM BOSS ENERGY: Tia Mowry Says She Doesn’t Have Time For Post-Baby Body Shamers, Shares Update On ‘Sister, Sister’ & ‘The Game’ Reboots + Tamron Hall Covers 'Parents' Mag

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Coifed queens Tia Mowry Hardrict and Tamron Hall serve up all the mom boss energy on daytime television. Body shamers can kiss Tia’s behind and Tamron is taking over the magazine circuit. More inside…

Tia Mowry Hardrict just embarked on a new hair journey after chopping off her tresses recently!

The mom-of-two made a stop on the “Tamron Hall Show” to show off her cropped coif in a pink A.L.C. dress and Gianvito Rossi heels. And she also wanted to deliver a message to the post-baby body shamers. The “Sister, Sister” alum is reclaiming her time when it comes to folks opinions about HER body. The 41-year-old actress has said before “snapping back” has not been a goal for her. She’s doing it HER way and she’s doing it on HER time.

In an Instagram post, Tia shared a picture of herself in a body suit with the caption, “Checking in. #17months post pregnant. I did it my way and in my time. Many women feel the need to #snapback right away after they deliver. That was never the goal for me. I was called #fat during my #pregnancy and I was called #fat after my #pregnancy. Why do we do this to each other? Instead of #love one another other? I will never understand that. I intentionally documented my journey and became vulnerable to show #women that it’s okay to go at your own pace, it is okay to love yourself no matter where you are in your journey,” she wrote.

Online trolls have weirdly bashed Tia over her weight, but she shared how she got through it. Basically, she doesn’t have time for that ish! She's too busy being an amazing mother, wife, sister and daughter.

“I really feel that it’s a shame that people just tend to bully women, especially after they’ve brought a beautiful child into this world,” Tia told Tamon.

“Women are vulnerable after they have their baby, you're going through hormonal changes emotionally -- postpartum depression...and then you have people not being kind about the weight that you’ve gained – that you’re supposed to gain - after having a baby. I think I’m so passionate about it because I understand what bullying does to the psyche...I have no time for it!”

"The Game" actress said being a working mother isn't easy, but it has definitely changed her for the good. While motherhood has had an impact on her life, she reminded women that we also have to make sure we carve out time to nurture the other relationships we have with others.

“It’s okay to not be perfect. It’s not easy being a mom and a working mom..I feel like motherhood has definitely changed me. Now that I have two amazing beautiful children and now that I'm a mother I just learned how to appreciate the small things and the little things in life...I think it’s very important that when you are in a union or a marriage and you have children that you keep that relationship strong. My husband and I have date nights once a week, even if it’s at home.”




Tia also detailed her passion to become the ultimate #MomBoss, saying she just wants to “rule the world” and her motivation behind her supplement line and the importance of self-care saying:

“Life is short. I want women to meditate on this statement that self care isn't selfish. I know a lot of women that when they have children or just women in general we tend to just focus on everybody else, but how can you be the best CEO, entrepreneur, the best mom, sister if you don't take care of yourself?"

In this era of reboots, fans have been wondering if "Sister, Sister" and "The Game" will be making a return to television. So, what's tea, sis?

“So many people are asking this question," Tia said. "We tried to do it, but some rights and stuff kind of got in the way. It makes me sad and also we even tried to reboot 'The Game' and now that’s not happening. Reboots are just not in my DNA I guess!”

Well, there's that.

Peep the clip below:

Tamron Hall covers the March 2020 issue of Parents magazine with her adorable 9-month-old son Moses!

Holding back tears, Tamron spoke with Parents magazine editor-in-chief Julia Edelstein on the vision of the issue and the importance to showcase “mom boss energy” and detailed the honor she feels to be featured on the cover sharing,

“There are some things in your life you never expect. I never expected to be on the cover of a magazine for Parents...it is very surreal...I look at that picture and I know that was my destiny to be with that kid [Moses] and to share this story of not giving up if you want to become a parent in whatever form that is.”



For the cover story, the mom boss took the publication through a day in her working mom life as a first-time mom, a new wife (after marrying Primary Wave's Head of Music Talent Management Steven Greener) and a new daytime talk show host.

"Hall goes to bed too late and wakes up too early. She drinks more coffee than she’d care to admit and eats dinner alone with her husband less often than she’d like. At work, she spends rare free moments on her phone, checking Moses via baby cam and ordering diapers online. “I don’t mind Instagram, with all its filters, as long as we also get real and say, ‘Do you know how many pictures I took before I posted this one?’ ” says Hall. “If we all just rip off our masks and say, ‘Damn it, this is hard,’ we can release the pressure we unnecessarily endure. We’re all just doing the best we can.”"



We learned, Tamron is like most moms when it comes to juggling so many hats.

"This idea that momhood means uncute is so not true. Yes, I’ve had days when I’ve walked around disoriented in milk-stained leggings. But I’ve also had disorienting days as a working woman supporting myself in a competitive field driven by patriarchal rules. I just didn't have milk stains then."

You can go through a full day with Moses' mama here.

Go behind-the-scenes of the magazine shoot below:








Photos: ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua and Lou Rocco

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