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WHET?! The Audience Reactions Were The Best Part Of Eminem's Surprise Oscars Performance

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Eminem came out of nowhere to grace the Oscars stage, giving us a throwback performance of "Lose Yourself".  But the reactions - THE REACTIONS - are what you really need to see.  Check it inside.


Just when we thought we were the only ones mad confused when the real present day Eminem walked out on that Oscars stage tonight (looking a lil zaddy-ish too with that beard), we weren't.

The Oscars were running a featurette reel showcasing how a musical score can make the movie.  Just as it wrapped up with Em's scene from 8 Mile when he was walking to the stage to win the rap battle, it suddenly happened in real life as he walked on stage himself to perform the track.

Surprise!  Check it:


Just when we were trying to figure out why this was happening (now we know it's because the track won for Best Original Song over 17 years ago), we noticed everyone else was too. Or they were turned all the way up, and we felt that too.

Ha! Hilar.




Welcome back, Em.

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