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RUMOR CONTROL: Megan Thee Stallion Goes LIVE To Give Details Behind Her Viral Mugshot – HERE’S THE REAL STORY!

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A mugshot of Megan Thee Stallion surfaced online and now she’s spilling tea on how she got it. The details in the arrest report claim she assaulted a family member and people began spreading rumors that it was her mother, who is now deceased. Meg addresses it all. Watch inside.

It appears Megan Thee Stallion’s past has been dug up and a mugshot has surfaced on arrests.org.

According to the information provided in the arrest details, the Houston Hottie (real name Megan Pete) was arrested on March 19, 2015 for “assault causes bodily injury family member” in Travis County, Texas.

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The 24-year-old rapper (above at the Coach runway show in NYC recently) caught wind of her mugshot being shared on social media, so she hopped on Instagram Live to the details behind the mugshot.

“It’s so embarrassing but I’m a real b*tch, so I don’t give a f*ck. So, I saw my ugly a** mugshot. My mugshot is so terrible. It’s so horrible,” she started off saying in the Live. “I was like 19 or 20 and I was in college."

The REALER rapper said she was at SXSW with her then-boyfriend and found out right then and there that he had a baby behind her back. In fact, the baby had already been born. Naturally, she was upset and started getting physical with her boyfriend.

She said she was trying to walk away, but he kept pulling on her and didn’t want her to leave. At the time, she thought that “toxic sh*t” was cute, but she knows better now. She said her boyfriend took her phone and stomped on it, so she didn’t have a way to call any of her friends. She said somebody called the police because they saw them arguing. Someone saw them fighting and called the police. She said the police just so happened to “pull up while I’m punching” making it look like she was the aggressor. She admitted their relationship was a “beautiful and toxic” relationship.

”I had a beautiful toxic relationship. It was fun, but it was bad,” she said.

When the police asked her if her boyfriend hit her, she said no because she didn’t want him to go to jail. She said she’s a “black queen” and was trying to hold it down for her “black king.” The police asked him if she hit him, and it was a different story.   He allegedly said yes, making claims she hit him in the eye, so they locked her up.

The “WTF I Want” rapper ended up spending two days in jail before she got bailed out.

“Them [sic] was the worse two days of my life!,” she said.

She said she was scared and didn’t want to call her now late mother, Holly Thomas.

When she got to the jail, she had to take off all her clothes, including her belly ring. She said she was sad and depressed while she was behind bars.

In the jail she was in, she couldn’t call numbers that weren’t in the city, so the only person she could call was her boyfriend. When she called him, instead of them talking about how to get her out of jail, they argued about the baby he had on her. They called her grandmother and she got out of jail.

Once released:

”After them two miserable ass days, guess where I go? Back to his house. All my stuff is there,” she said.

She admitted she hit him because he was pushing her. Eventually, she said she broke up with him after she found out the baby was in fact his.

“Once I love somebody I’m stuck with them. You going to be my n*gga for life,” she said.

She said she saw someone on the Internet say the reasons she went to jail was because she assaulted her mother and that she’s drinking so much to “hide the pain”

”B*tch, I be drinking because I like to drink, h*e. I like to turn up. Don’t bring my mother into this. That’s not cute,” she said.

If you didn’t know, Meg’s mother, Holly Thomas, died in March 2019 from a cancerous brain tumor. Also, her grandmother died the same month.

“This time last year my mom got sick, so it’s super sensitive right now,” she noted.

As for why the arrest was listed as an attack on a family member, Meg said she doesn’t know why since this involved her boyfriend.

”That n*gga not my family. That b*tch and her baby is his family,” she explained.

She said she’s not fighting men anymore because “a n*gga will snitch on you quick. If a n*gga come at you crazy, you got to go. It’s not cute and it’s not fun. I’m not going to jail for no more n*ggas.”


The “B.I.T.C.H.” rapper also addressed folks coming up with rumors about men she’s messing with. Most recently, she was romantically connected to rapper G-Eazy after she posted a video of him kissing her on her cheek while laid up in the bed together.

By the way - The Houston Hottie said "stop talking about her p*ssy because she’s tired of having press conferences with y’all every week."

"She [her vagina] not dealing with nobody. We don’t have no boyfriend. None of these n*ggas is my boyfriend. Can a real b*tch turn up? Do you know you can hang out with multiple n*ggas and not be f*cking them? You can. It's fun. You should try it. It's fun. Go have a drink. After I get off work I like to have a drink."

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Photo: Samantha Deitch/BFA.com

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