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#QuarantineAndChill: The Netflix Watch List That’ll (Kinda) Curb Your Anxiety

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We’re all stuck inside, so we decided to come up with a fire list of Netflix movies and TV shows to check out while we all #QuarantineAndChill. Peep the list inside….

Since we’re all pretty much on lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic (well, you SHOULD be - looking at your Spring Breakers and "I'm taking my cheap flight I copped the other day regardless" a-- folks), we’d like to ease your mind with some Netflix picks. We’re on #QuarantineAndChill vibes and catching up on shows we love, ones we haven't seen yet thanks to hectic work/life schedules, and the ones we're already setting the Reminder for when they drop.

Now, when European Netflix users log in, they may notice the quality isn’t as crisp as it normally is. That’s because the streaming service is limiting the streaming quality of its content for the next 30 days to preserve bandwidth during the Coronavirus crisis. The EU asked for streaming providers to be mindful of clogging networks and affecting the reliability of internet services. Damn homie.

As of now, the quality restrictions only apply to European users.

Tomorrow, Netflix is releasing a gem we can’t wait to watch. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer will portray America’s first empire-building, barrier-breaking, self made female millionaire Madam C.J. Walker in the limited series, “Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker.”

Peep the trailer below:

It hits Netflix tomorrow, March 20th. And thankyaJesus because, we need some hope.

It seems people are flocking to Netflix to watch pandemic-related content as flicks like Outbreak and Pandemic that have made their way to Netflix’s Top 10. It may seem counterintuitive in something that calms your nerves, but it's like life imitating art, or vice versa. BONUS: "Pandemic" goes into detail about the discovery of CoVid-19, which the US government was first warned about in December 2019 (hence the name), and the warning was effectively ignored.  #Sigh


Birdbox kinda fits in that category too. It's a good thriller to peep (no pun intended) if you haven't already.

Since we feel like we’re living in a real-life "Black Mirror" episode, if you haven't peeped that series, you'll def want to. The best part is you can watch the episodes in any order.

The "Altered Carbon" series (Hey, Anthony Mackie!) takes viewers hundreds of years in the future where technology allows human bodies to be interchangeable and death no longer being permanent. Get your sci-fi on.

Oh, and def "100 Humans: Life’s Questions Answered" because we need something to make sense right now. 

We can't forget some YBF classics people of color give AF about:



Throwbacks like Harlem Nights, Mo Money & Space Jam are currently streaming for your viewing pleasure. Also, "Raising Dion" is a cute series about a young black boy with super powers that'll warm your heart.


A few series that'll have you binging non-stop once you start watching:

"On My Block" - Season 3 just dropped and the ending is wild.

"Love Is Blind" - We know you've likely seen some of the couples from the show sinc eliterally everyone is talking about them, but watching the journeys are quite entertaining. And if you haven't started - you're mad late.  Catch up. And prep your nerves for the Carlton drama.

"The Circle" - It's "Catfish" meets "Big Brother." Yes and Yes.

"Babies" - All the science behind cute & cuddly newborns. Ease our nerves please, Netflix.

"Restaurants On Edge" - Watch failing restaurants get whipped into shape to make those coins. And make your list of where to visit once this ish blows over.

"The Great Interior Design Challenge" - Because who doesn't love a good reality competition show while we have time to dream up new home decor for our own somes we're going to be in more than ever.

"The Crown" - Don't knock it until you try it. Get through the first episode and then you'll get into all the throwback royal tea.


The docuseries you HAVE to see:

"Dirty Money" - You really want to watch the Trump episodes ("The Confidence Man") and Jared Kushner (“Slumlord Millionaire"). You will be pissed, but informed, about the utter fraudulence in our faces. Just in time for the November election.

"The Pharmacist" - This dad was determined, and sadly, so are crooked pharmacists.


Movies to scare us more sh*tless than real life does right now:

47 Meters - There's nothing like hate-watching dumb folks who think deep diving with sharks is a vacation.

HUSH - Probably not the best thing to watch while we're home around the clock, since this is about a person who is restricted to being home being utterly terrorized. Why do we torture ourselves?!

Girl On The Third Floor - Home terror again for the win!



If we're still on lockdown and losing it:

"How to Fix a Drug Scandal" will premiere on April 1st.

Kelis' "Cooked With Cannabis" will premiere on the very-fitting April 20th (4/20).

"Ozark" Season 3 premieres March 27th.

"Dynasty" Season 3 is coming down the pipeline, set for May 30th.

"The Baby-Sitters Club" reboot. Yep, they're remaking a classic throwback based on the book series we all read religiously, so they better not mess this up. No premiere date has been set for the series just yet. We just request more melanin on our screens for this reboot round.


Looking for a new thriller and some eye candy? Spenser Confidential features hottie Winston Duke (Black Panther), who stars alongside Mark Wahlberg in the action comedy. You already know how it's gonna go, since Mark seems to play himself (if "himself" was still living back in Boston) in every movie.

Love a cooking competition? Check out YBF chick Nicole Byer's food show, "Nailed It."

And may we suggest a re-watch of Beyonce's "HOMECOMING" because, Beyonce? She heals all things.

Happy binging!

Photo: Photo Hall/Shutterstock.com

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