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Styles P Believes He Caught Coronavirus Months Ago & Says He Almost Died! Find Out How He 'Healed' Himself

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Rapper Styles P believes he caught COVID-19 back in January and said he almost died. Find out what he did to heal himself inside...



Rapper Styles P is totally convinced he had the Coronavirus back in January before it was announced as the global pandemic. And he says he almost died!

In a series of tweets, the LOX rapper revealed he got sick with a virus much worse than the seasonal flu. It got so bad, he felt he was going to die. Now, he believes he may have contracted COVID-19.

"I almost died in January," hetweeted. "And I never get the flu and if I do it’s a day or two. In January I was down for a week and lost about 8 pounds !! I had the rona !! It had to be the Rona !!!!," he continued.

It's important to note - the flu we typically get - influenza A or B - is typically not super mild and doesn't typically go away in just 2 days.  It lasts at least a week for the overwheming majority of us, with slightly lighter symptoms if the Tamiflu medication is taken within the first 48 hours of catching the flu.

It's quite possible he previously had a different, milder viral infection (prior to January). There are hundreds of strains of influenza.  And what he experienced in January was possibly the flu (and yes, it can feel like complete hell).  What he actually had can't be confirmed if he never got a flu test.

Thankfully, he's doing fine now. He shared what he did to beat whatever he had going on with his body:

"I did mad black seed oil and went on a juice / tea diet and rested ! Go for it !!," P tweeted before sharing an more detailed recipe of everything he did.






In another tweet, he wrote:

Gotta tell what I did to feel better beloveds . Peace ...Black seed oil

Oil of oregano

(Turmeric ,ginger , lemons cayenne pepper mixed )

Vitamin c

Red ginseng

Colloidal silver

Elderberry syrup

Epsom Salt baths and good energy should keep all golden !!

And super lysine

We're not suggesting you try what worked for Styles P, especially since there's np cure for viruses, just treatments for symptoms and ways to build your immune system (like above) to fight it.

This is what worked for him. Also, he didn't confirm he even tested positive for the virus.

The rapper went on to say folks living in the suburbs are the people disobeying the CDC's recommendations while the streets in the hood were clear (maybe everyone except rapper Casanova). He also said he believes we will all get it (or have already had it) and that there were people in the U.S. who contracted the virus as far back as December who likely thought they had come down with the flu. Possible, for sure.

Peep his tweets below:









He's also worried about re-catching the virus:



Scientists stated today they believe it's possible that humans who once contracted coronavirus become immune to re-infection due to antibodies developed in their bodies once they have caught the virus and it is fought off.  Not everyone is aware they have the virus, though, when they do. And it's  unclear just how long this immunity lasts.


Regardless, glad he's good now.  Please always do your own research and protect yourselves!

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