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Did B. Simone Just Manifest DaBaby Into Her Boyfriend...Or This A PR Stunt?!

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B. Simone and DaBaby are on Instagram looking very much like a couple, but is a PR stunt? More inside…

Comedienne B. Simone and rapper DaBaby are fueling dating rumors as they’re all over social media looking very much like a couple. Or, are they?

It’s no secret B. Simone has a huge crush on DaBaby. She has made it known for a while that she’s feeling him.

Yesterday, the "Wild 'N Out" star stirred up things on Instagram when she posted pictures of herself with her arms wrapped around the neck of a mystery man. It didn’t take long for fans to investigate and determine it was DaBaby in the photos! She captioned the pictures with a heart emoji and padlock emoji, alluding the person in the picture could be BAE.

 photo bsimonedababy2.jpg

 photo bsimonedababy3.jpg

Her comments were lit up with congratulatory messages: 

 photo bsimonedababy5.jpg

As we previously said, B. Simone hasn't been shy about her love for the "BOP" rapper - who, by the way, is currently expecting another baby with the mother of his first child. Get those deets HERE.

In October, Simone shared a photoshopped picture of herself in a wedding dress alongside a cardboard cutout of the Charlotte rapper to promote a Halloween party she was promoting:

 photo bsimonedababy4.jpg

She also posted a "prayer" in an attempt to shoot her shot:


"Jesus i ask you for patience. I ask you to lead him home and stop letting him entertain these girls," she captioned a picture of DaBaby. "He probably fake laughing at some lame hoe jokes… don’t worry king... A real clown is on the way ! TF! He prolly wasting his time with a girl that don’t even like kids while I’m over here ready to be a step momma . I been practicing and everything 'ahht ahhht sit down ! Imma tell yo daddy when he get home' see i got this I’m ready bae! ughhhh when i meet him should i be like 'hey Zaddy' or 'hey king' orrrrr should i say 'babyyy boooyyy cmere'"

Back in December...



B. Simone turned up with the KIRK rapper in the club after meeting him:

“Welp, this is what manifesting get you!! Let me get my copy of the book,” one fan wrote on the IG pictures of herself and DaBaby.

Turns out, this all may be a PR stunt to promote her upcoming book, Baby Girl Manifest The Life You Want, which is available for pre-order on her website.  She's been on a mission to become a millionaire and made the world know it, so this could have helpd her cross that line.


View this post on Instagram

“BABY GIRL MANIFEST THE LIFE YOU WANT” Over 4000 copies sold worldwide in 24 hours You guys don’t understand how important this is to me! You ladies (and gentlemen) that receive this book will embark on a new journey and it will help you start your road to manifesting the life you’ve always wanted I put my heart into this book and I know it’s going to help so many people all over the world! I have personal diary entries in the book from my actual diary , and it’s 4 chapters of information!!! MANIFEST YOUR FINANCES, MANIFEST AFTER THE SUCCESS, MANIFEST YOUR CIRCLE and MANIFEST AFTER THE BREAK UP !!!! Change your mind and change your life ! It starts with your mind ! I’m the MANIFEST QUEEN anything I want I GET ! Order my book now and start manifesting the life you desire I love you all ! LINK IN BIO - BILLIONAIRE B The Manifest Queen

A post shared by B. SIMONE (@thebsimone) on


DaBaby seemingly confirmed that when he wrote "#MarketingQueen" in her comments:

 photo bsimonedababy8.jpg

Her book is set to drop April 10th.


Photos: YouTube screenshot

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