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Trina STORMS OFF Stage During ‘LAHH: Miami’ Reunion After Explosive Argument With Nikki Natural

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Trina was NOT here for the foolery with her “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” co-star Nikki Natural and she let it be known. After walking off the stage and threatening to leave the reunion completely, the Miami legend went looking for Nikki backstage as things escalated. Get it all inside…

Drama ensued during Part 2 of the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” reunion last night. It was a continuation from Part 1 when Trina and Nikki Natural were going AT it.

During the season, Trina and Nikki bumped heads after the Baddest B*tch got all the ladies together that would perform on her all-female tour. They almost came to blows then and Round 2 happened during the reunion show as well. In Part 1, Trina went NUCLEAR on Nikki, going as far as calling her a “weak b*tch” and said she don’t “respect no b*tch with kids and braces.”

“You not an artist. You f*ckin men that’s 90 years old, so take care of your muthaf*ckin’ dirty a** kids h*e!," Trina said.

Whew lawd.

Check it:

Last night, tensions continued to boil over. Trina grabbed her cousins Joy & Bobby Lytes and told them they were leaving and that the show could continue filming without her. That’s when she and her fam walked off stage.



After storming off stage, the “Here We Go” rapper went backstage looking for Nikki. When her cousin Bobby Lytes tipped her off on Nikki’s whereabouts, Trina began banging on the door, yelling for Nikki to confront her. She never did.

Totally fed up, Trina said she wasn’t doing anymore interviews and that she was dipping out. She changed her clothes and everything. However, Bobby was able to talk her into returning.

Check it:



Y'all better put some respek on our girl Trina's name!

Sheesh. Do you think Nikki Natural will return next season?



Photos: Trina's IG

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