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EXCLUSIVE: If The NBA Needs Some Help When It Returns, 'Good Fight' Star Nyambi Nyambi’s Star-Studded Line Up Could Be A Problem!

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Nyambi Nyambi checks in with TheYBF.com about how he’s handling being quarantined. Sorry ladies, he has a #QuaratineBAE. Also, if the NBA needs some help when it returns, he has a star-studded line up that would be a problem. Get into our chit chat with “The Good Fight” actor inside…

”The Good Fight” – the popular CBS All Access legal drama – is back with a new season, which is currently streaming. Star Nyambi Nyambi plays investigator Jay DiPersia, who is one of the in-house investigators at Reddick Boseman & Kolstad.

TheYBF.com got the chance to chop it up with Nyambi and he shared how he’s handling self-isolation during the global Coronavirus pandemic. Sorry, ladies. He has a #QuaratineBae.

”With the PS4, the XBOX, the Nintendo Switch, my comic books, drawing,” Nyambi told YBF LA correspondent Shannan Johnson during a Zoom call. "I have my lady that I spend a lot of time with,” he revealed. “I do have a Quarantine BAE. I do,” he shared.

The Nigerian-American actor shared how they’re figuring out how to spend time together since she’s actually working longer hours being at home. Nyambi said he keeps a low profile in the background while she works. Sometimes, she’ll pause/mute her Zoom meetings so he can “Usain Bolt” past the screen. Ha!

The comic book aficionado said the first comic book he purchased with his own money was "Batman: Year One." He shared he grew up reading the comics on the back of the newspaper. Living in a Nigerian home, he didn't even know there was a such thing as a comic book store until grad school in 2005. He recalled going to purchase his first comic book with a classmate on a Wednesday because new comics would come out on Wednesdays. Nyambi shared he really couldn't afford to buy comics until he booked a role one "Mike & Molly." Wow.

Being locked down is allowing him to enjoy his introverted activities. However, he said he has extrovert skills.

“I’m actually an introvert. I’m an introvert with extrovert skills. I set up everything so I can be in place where I don’t have to go anywhere. My video games, my art, my TVs,” he said.

Right now, the NBA has been put on pause amid the global Coronavirus pandemic. However, when the league does come back, if they need some help, Nyambi has them covered.

Nyambi has assembled a star-studded team that would give some of the pros a run for their money. FUN FACT: Nyambi earned a bachelor's degree in business administration from Bucknell University before earning his Masters of Fine Arts from the Graduate Acting Program at New York University. He played four years of Division 1 basketball for Bucknell and made the ESPN Dick Vitale All-Name Team honoring the best names in college basketball. Post-college, Nyambi took on the role of coach and led basketball teams at teen camps for several years. So, like we said, his team would be a problem.

He’s naturally a Los Angeles Laker fan (a Magic Johnson fan to be specific), so if he had to be drafted to a team he obviously would pick the Lakers.

”Yeah, and I’m still good,” he said.

Talk your ish, Nyambi!

If the NBA approached him about playing in the league and he had to pick four other actors to play with him, who would he choose?

His starting line up would include: Oscar winning actor Mahershala Ali “Mahershala, he actually played college ball,” he shared.

“Big Bang Theory” star Kunal Nayyar “He’s not the greatest basketball player, but he works so hard. I need somebody who works hard.”

Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan “And then Michael B. Jordan because I need a Michael Jordan on my team. You got to have a Michael Jordan on your team. He can ball, he’s good.”

Lastly, he picked legendary NBA legend Kareem Adbdul Jabbar.

”He was in it [The Game of Death], so he’s an actor. He’s on IMDB. Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Boom! That’s my set up,” he said.

Ha! Very clever.



Check out Season 4 of "The Good Fight" on CBS All Access.

Photo: Lauren Toub

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