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Katie Couric Gets Backlash For Saying Denzel Washington Made Her Feel ‘Uncomfortable,’ But Here’s What Actually Happened

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Twitter had to gather Katie Couric after she made claims Denzel Washington made her feel “uncomfortable” and “shaken” following an interview years ago. The receipts from that interview were pulled and here’s what REALLY happened inside….


Denzel Washington slander? That’s what we’re not going to do Katie Couric.

Twitter users have been fired up on the social media platform after the 63-year-old journalist said Denzel Washington made her feel “uncomfortable” and “shaken” following a NBC “Dateline” interview years ago. At the time, Denzel was on the promo trail with his Manchurian Candidate co-star Meryl Streep and director Jonathan Demme.

While recounting the 2004 interview on the "Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino" podcast, Katie said her exchange with the 65-year-old Hollywood actor made her feel “uncomfortable,” “shaken” and she couldn’t understand why he “jumped all over” her during their exchange.

The film featured political themes, so Katie asked Denzel about the significance of actors speaking out on political issues.

So here’s how it went down (via CNN):

"Denzel -- are you -- do you feel -- you know some people say Hollywood folks should stick to acting," Couric asked.

“I don’t know what Hollywood folks are, first of all,” Washington responded. “Hollywood is a town that has some stars on the sidewalk. I don’t know anybody from there.”

He added, “I’m not a Hollywood folk. I don’t know who they are.”

Couric tried to reframe the question a few times, including asking him, “Are you an actor who would rather not...” but Washington cut her off.

“No, I’m not that either,” he said. “I’m a human being. My job is acting.”

Below is the transcript:



The Oscar winning actor said nothing out of pocket here, yet, she felt a way.

"I don't think I said anything wrong," she said. "I don't know what happened."

She said she believes Denzel “totally misconstrued a question I asked and kind of jumped all over me.”

“I love him, I admire him so much,” Katie added. “He’s one of my favorite actors, but I remember walking out and feeling really kind of shaken that he had kind of gone after me in a way that was completely, weirdly uncalled for.”

Twitter then commenced the dragging:
















The journalist assumed he was having a bad day that day, but that wasn’t him having a bad day. YOU felt that way because of the way he responded to your question – which wasn’t in the least bit rude. You see, Denzel doesn’t have time for crazy questions, so he checked Katie. Nothing more, nothing less. TV personality Bevy Smith made note of this:



He sort of did the same thing to Jamie Foxx in this interview below (at the 3:30-minute mark):

Bye, Katie!

Photo: Tinseltown/Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com

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