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Cover Girl Issa Rae Rightfully Leads Hollywood’s Black Renaissance, Tells COSMOPOLITAN - ‘I Want To Be A Black Pop Culture Staple’

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Issa Rae covers COSMOPOLITAN magazine’s June issue where she talks about why she loves working with black creatives, building her legacy as a black pop culture icon and more. Oh, and her spread is fire AF. Get it all inside…



Now THIS just put us in a great mood because we love all things Issa Rae. It’s hard not to.

The “Insecure” creator/star covers COSMOPOLITAN magazine’s June 2020 issue and, per usual, she looks amazing. On the cover, her skin is poppin’, her textured hair is bomb, and she shows off just enough cleavage in her Gucci dress to serve up sophisticated sex appeal.

The writer, producer, and star of the hit HBO series has a lot going on in Hollywood. Just before the shutdown, her new romantic comedy, The Lovebirds, was set to hit theaters. Since movie theaters were shut down, her new project will premiere on Netflix, starting May 22nd.

Now, Issa is using this down time to let her creative juices flow. “Insecure” received the greenlight for Season 5 a few days ago and she’s already working with the writers for the new season...virtually.


“Someone asked me if I felt pressure about this season [of Insecure] coming on, and up until now, I hadn’t,” she tells Cosmo in her cover story. “This f*cking virus changed everything. Most of my mentions have been like, ‘Drop it, girl, stop playing, drop all the episodes at once’—like I’m HBO. And I’m like, What the f*ck? We’re literally still mixing and editing.”

Ha! We can't help it, sis!

Obviously, being quarantined isn't ideal and we're tired of being stuck inside. However, Issa is confident that we'll all come out of this better and stronger.

"We’re being forced to stop and just reevaluate, be creative in our approach,” she says. “Humans are resilient. We’re going to figure this sh*t out.”

Now, she has more time to build her legacy. You know, the boss chick is all about reaching ICON status, BLACK icon status to be specific.

“I want to be a pop culture staple—a black pop culture staple,” she says. “I want to have an impact on my community. Everything I’ve done has been for—and in thinking of—black people, and I don’t take this moment lightly. I want to do right by us, at the end of the day.”

Collecting people who experience the world as she does—and giving them opportunities—is just what she does. She wants to know “who’s hungry” and surround herself with other black creatives so she “can just work. We don’t have to break things down. We understand each other. For me, it’s just about finding who’s got it, who’s got something to say, and who just feels down and with it.”



Issa is always "rooting for everybody black" and that's one reason she's loved. She's black, her creative team is black, her writers are black, her lawyer is black, her casts are black. With high hopes of becoming as successful as possible, she’s still not sure what exactly that kind of success would entail. Or if she’s even the person everyone else wants to be doing right by them.

“It’s presumptuous because, like, nobody’s counting on me,” Issa says, finishing her thought with a laugh. “Nobody’s like, ‘She got to do it!’”

Umm...yes we are ma'am!

“It almost just feels like I fooled people. Ha, ha, you put me on a magazine cover.” Also, in an industry that wasn’t built for black creatives to have long-term success, she worries how long her “window” will last. “The blessing is like, Okay, I can for sure make my own opportunities, and that’s fun,” she explains. “But I also want to be able to…I want to deserve to be here, and that’s part of what keeps me up at night.”

Keep doing what you're doing Issa Rae. The black community appreciates all that you do, leading Hollywood's current Black Renaissance. You can read her full interview here.


Watch Issa Rae put her skills to the test in a round of "Expensive Taste Test." Her champagne choice may shock you.

You can grab a physical copy of her cover when it goes on sale June 12th.

Catch a new episode of "Insecure" this Sunday at 10pm EST on HBO.

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