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#DojaCatIsOverParty: Twitter Cancels Doja Cat (Again) Over Alleged Online Conversations With Alleged Alt-Right Chatroom Friends

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A day after folks were defending for Doja Cat (following that Lana Del Rey drama), she’s now being canceled for her online behavior. Apparently, the “Say So” singer has been live chatting with racist white people and folks are pulling up the receipts. Get it all inside…

Whew, lawd!

The Internet is canceling Doja Cat...again.

The reason? Questionable online conversations.


Apparently, the pop singer – who is biracial - has been chatting it up on a popular site called Tinychat where she has been conversing with who others on the site say are racist white people and alt-right incels. She reportedly frequents the racist white rooms to shoot the sh*t with her “online friends.” And it’s interesting because she has made it known she identifies as a black woman, yet, she’s involved in this type of online activity.

People have accused the singer - who was raised by her white mother and says she hasn't met her black father - of telling her online "community" she doesn't actually like blacks or being black, but she's just lucky she's light skinned and "thick."


People on the site have outed her for allegedly doing sex acts & foot fetish acts on private chats for people and getting naked and other attention grabby stunts that cam girls do if they're not doing it for money.




Don’t believe it? Below are a few videos of Doja conversing with the people online:




It's alleged Doja Cat would say racist things about black people and strip for her white racist friends while allowing them to call her "n*gger." Allegedly. Oh?

Folks online questioned if the latest clips of her circulating are recent and they seemingly are. One fan posted a screenshot of her on IG Live from a few days ago rocking the same outfit she had on in the Tinychat videos:



Yikes.  Other tweets

Now, the #DojaCatIsOverParty hashtag is trending...again. You'll recall, Nicki Minaj fans tried to cancel her last month.



















Damn, really Doja? This is all bad.

One fan had a different perspective:


While we do understand she has an odd sense of humor, she was allegedly in these rooms before she blew up and on a constant basis.  Sometimes there's truth in jokes.

Oh and apparently this isn't new:

Is she canceled in your book, or nah?

Photo: Doja's IG

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