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George Floyd’s Family Wants 4 Officers Put In Jail For Murder! + LeBron, Beyoncé & More React To His Senseless Death

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The family of George Floyd – the man who died after police pinned him – is speaking out and they want the four officers involved put in jail for murder. Meanwhile, tons of celebs are reacting to George Floyd’s death. Get it all inside…

George Floyd’s family is speaking out after the 46-year-old black man was murdered by police Monday night in Minneapolis while in police custody.

A bystander filmed video of a police officer pinning George Floyd down (who was already handcuffed) with his knee in his neck as George pleaded he could not breathe. He eventually became unresponsive and was pronounced dead at 9:25 pm Monday (May 25th) at Hennepin County Medical Center, according to the medical examiner. The three white officers and one Asian officer that were involved in the incident were fired, but that’s NOT enough.



Now, the Floyd Family is calling for the four officers to be charged with MURDER. And rightfully so because that’s exactly what was done in broad daylight.

George Floyd’s family appeared on CNN to speak out for the first time following the death of their loved one. The firing of the four police officers is NOT enough for the family.

“I just don’t understand what more we have to go through in life. He didn’t have to do that to him," his brother said. "They treated him worse than they treat animals. They took a life, they deserve life."

"I don’t feel sorry for them,” he continued.

Another family member said firing the police officers “is a good start” but they want to see them charged “because what they did was murder.”

"They need to pay for what they did. He didn't deserve what happened to him," she said.

Peep the emotional clip above.

In another interview...

George's sister - Bridgett Floyd - spoke to "Good Morning America" about her brother's death.

"They murdered my brother. They killed him," she said. "Firing them is just not enough."

As a mother of black sons, Bridgett said she's fearful that the same thing could happen to her sons when they grow up.

"You never know what could happen when they walk out the door. They're small kids right now, but one day they're going to be adults," she said. "They need to know how to defend themselves, how to stand up for themselves, how to talk for themselves because if I don't teach that to them, this world, this cold, cold world will take over my babies."

Attorney/civil rights leader Ben Crump - who's representing the family - talked about how long George begged for his life as the police officer slowly killed him.

"It was nine minutes," Crump said. "Just imagine what George Floyd endured for those nine minutes begging for breath, begging for life."

Tragic. Peep the clip above.

Celebrities are also reacting to news of George Floyd's death, including LeBron James, Beyoncé, Odell Beckham Jr., T.I., Viola Davis, Ava DuVernay and more:


















Former NFL star Colin Kaepernick - who was blackballed from the league for launching a silent protest to help raise police brutality awareness - reposted the picture of himself kneeling alongside the cop who took a knee on George's neck, originally posted by former NFL wide receiver Nathan Palmer, on his Instagram Stories: 

 photo colingeorge.png

If you STILL don't understand what Colin was trying to do with his silent protest, at this point, you're part of the problem.

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson was good friends with George and affectionately called him his "twin." He posted a tribute to George on his Instagram writing:





We pray George Floyd's family receives justice. He didn't deserve for his life, like countless other black lives, to be stolen by problematic police officers.


Photos: GMA Screenshot/Ben Crump Law Office

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