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Twitter Is So Petty – 'Eddie Winslow' Started Trending After Darius McCrary’s ‘American Soul’ James Brown Look Was Revealed

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Darius McCray was trending on Twitter today...well kinda. His famous character Eddie Winslow was actually trending after his NEW role as James Brown for "American Soul" was revealed. Get into the jokes inside...

If you logged on Twitter today then you likely saw “Eddie Winslow” trending. Now why would Eddie from the classic black sitcom “Family Matters” be trending on Twitter?

Here’s why….

BET revealed Darius McCray's guest role as musical icon James Brown for the upcoming 2nd season of "American Soul" sharing a picture of the actor decked out in 70s gear.

“The King of Soul is making his way to Soul Train! Don’t miss James Brown (@DariusMcCrary) on #AmericanSoulBET this Wed 10/9c!,” BET captioned the picture of Darius dressed as James Brown.

It didn't take long for the jokes to start pouring in:













Ha! Twitter is so petty.

Season 2 of "American Soul" premieres tomorrow night at 10/9c on BET:






Darius McCrary touched on the state of the nation in a subliminal way recently.

The internet.  Undefeated since dial-up.


Photo: Darius' IG


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