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Rudy Giuliani Says Kanye West Is Still A Trump Supporter, Thinks Rapper Wants 45 Re-elected + 'Ye Booted Off Home State Ballot

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Former NYC mayor and Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani says presidential hopeful Kanye West is still friends with Trump and he believes the rapper wants 45 reelected. See Giuliani’s interview, plus details on ‘Ye getting booted off the ballot in his home state of Illinois inside…

Kanye West is still fighting to get his name on ballots in hopes of winning the 2020 presidential election. Or is he?

There have been reports that suggest Republican operatives – some with ties to Trump – have been actively helping ‘Ye get his name on ballots in various states - including states like Wisconsin that could be critical in deciding the next president. It's reported Republicans in at least four states are working to get Ye's name on the ballots.

Having the Chi-town rapper’s name on the ballot could potentially take votes from Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

A few days ago, the Jesus is King rapper chopped it up with Forbes and they say he hinted his presidential bid was an attempt to snatch votes from Biden.

In a new interview with Forbes, Ye was asked about the possibly of running to steal votes from Biden and he said that rather than running for president, he was “walking.” Then, he added he was “walking … to win.”

Oh, and he still has current ties with the Trump administration.

The site reports:

When it was pointed out that he actually can’t win in 2020—that he won’t be on enough ballots to yield 270 electoral votes, and that a write-in campaign isn’t feasible—and thus was serving as a spoiler, West replied: “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King.”

West rebuffed various attempts to clarify who was driving his ballot access or strategy and whether it’s being coordinated by or with Republican-affiliated officials. He does, however, appear to have a continuing relationship with the Trump White House. West says that he’s “designing a school within the next month” and that “I’m meeting with Betsy DeVos about the post-Covid curriculum.” (The Secretary of Education’s press office hadn’t responded to a request for comment by the time we published.)

“I like Kanye very much,” President Trump told reporters at the White House yesterday. “No, I have nothing to do with him getting on the ballot. We'll have to see what happens.”

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani – who joined Trump’s legal team in April 2018 – was asked about Ye’s presidential bid. Photogs caught up with the president’s personal attorney in NYC were he told them the Grammy Award winning artist and the president are still very much on good terms and that Ye is still a fan of the former reality TV host.

Not only that, Giuliani alluded to the Chi-town rapper being a way for Trump to get the Black vote. He noted Kanye is an example of African-Americans who are tired of the way they’ve been treated by Democrats.

Check it:

The “Big Ego” rapper has only officially qualified for the Oklahoma ballot. He has submitted petitions in several states, including Colorado, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, West Virginia, Vermont and swing state Wisconsin. Signature verification is currently in process.

Wisconsin BLASTED Ye recently foe being late submitting signatures. According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The state Democratic Party filed a complaint Friday asking state officials to block rapper Kanye West from appearing on the presidential ballot in Wisconsin this November, saying his campaign was tardy submitting its signatures.

The challenge also suggests there are numerous problems with West's nomination papers, including incorrect addresses for circulators and bogus signatures, such as "Mickey Mouse" and "Bernie Sanders." It also included affidavits from six individuals who said they were duped into putting their names on West's paperwork.

"If the affidavits are true … crimes were committed by the West campaign," said attorney Michael Maistelman, who gathered the affidavits for the state Democratic Party. A message sent to the email account listed on West's Federal Election Commission filing bounced back as undeliverable.

What in the world...

Officials in Kanye’s home state of Illinois reviewed the validity of the signatures needed to secure his name would appear on the ballot in November. Turns out, ‘Ye reportedly turned in some invalid signatures. The Chicago Tribune reported he filed 3,218 signatures, however 1,928 of them were ruled invalid following a state elections board review.

In order to be considered as an independent nominee, Mr. West needed 2,500 written signatures from voters (in-state) by July 20th. He didn’t make the cut.

Without Illinois, he wouldn’t be able to get 270 electoral votes, but we already know ‘Ye’s response to that news. Not only that, those invalid signatures could prompt an investigation, per White House correspondent April Ryan:

A blind man can see what’s going on here, yet, his stans still support.




Former "Wild 'N Out" host Nick Cannon recently said he supports Kanye running for president because America needs another black man in office.

“I love it!” Nick told photogs about Ye's presidential bid. “Yeah. We need another black man in power."

This ain't it, Nick!


Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian West are still on their "save our marriage" roller coaster after went went on a series of rants where he spilled private information about their relationship. After reuniting with his family on vacation, "sources" say he's in a "great place" and is "feeling creatively inspired."

"They will be spending the next few days glamping and being outdoors," a source revealed to E! News. The source explains that Kim and Kanye are taking the opportunity to "to relax together and spend time as a family."

"Kim and Kanye haven't discussed anything political while spending the week together as a family. Kim didn't want to rock the boat and argue with Kanye because the trip is all about the kids," the source shared. "They also would never argue in front of them."

Guys, do us all a favor and act accordingly at the polls in November. Please and THANK YOU.


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