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UH-OH! Pastor John Gray Accused Of Cheating…AGAIN! Alleged Videos - With His Son In Them - To An Alleged Side Chick EXPOSED

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Pastor John Gray is being accused of cheating on his wife Aventer Gray…again. And there are alleged videos conversations with his side piece. Oop. More inside…

Pipe from the pulpit? Chile, 2020 is undefeated.

Pastor John Gray is being accused of cheating on his wife, Aventer Gray, again! And it’s like the second time…that we know of. He was exposed for cheating last year and now it’s happening again. Sighs…

The Relentless Church Pastor is being accused of stepping out on his wife and his alleged side chick has the receipts.

Oh, and so does the Internet…now.

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Every part of my spiritualizationz is troubled‼️ Y’all know i was the one that dropped the voicemails and interviewed two of the women that detailed their dealings with John Gray and the battle surrounding his church and then later interviewed him and his wife offline. So yea, this is concerning. Last night in front of 18k live viewers Celebrity News and Gossip Vlogger @unwinewithtashak said she will be releasing proof that John “Baby Jakes” Gray has been in pursuit of women behind his wife’s back again. It is my hope and prayer that Tasha K has NO proof but a glimpse at her track record says she’s likely has receptaclez. I am VERY concerned for The Avenger (his wife). How much more can she take as he struggles with what he calls “brokenness”. I call it a spirit of adultery #videos #videooftheday

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Vlogger Tasha K released video footage of Pastor Gray allegedly on a video call app (that looks very much like Marco Polo app videos) with his side chick, Mary. Now, the receipts look a bit … weird … being that it was oriignally alleged he was on a FaceTime call with the woman, but Facetime calls usually show BOTH participants on the screen. We're not 100% sure which platform Pastor Gray was using to make these videos...but here they are! 

In the clips, Pastor Gray drags his wife Aventer for not cooking. He panned his camera to his son in the backseat of their car, confirming his mother doesn’t cook. In so many words, he said his son eats frozen pizzas everyday “because that’s what you have to do to feed when ain’t nobody cooking.” Oh?

In another clip, Pastor Gray told his sidepiece Marry – who he called by name – to get her two-piece swimsuit AND HER MASK ready in an hour for a trip to Cabo while showing video of a private jet. Americans have been jeting to Cabo because it is one of the few places allowing Americans to visit amid the pandemic.

”You got an hour to get ready. We going to Cabo, so bring your mask and your favorite two-piece because we out,” he told her.

The fact he told Mary to bring her mask lets you know this video was recorded recently, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In another clip, Pastor Gray - who pastored for several years at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston - explains to Mary how he’s going to cook her brisket, baked beans, mashed potatoes and corn, dubbing himself “Chef John," after a bet they made. 

Again, it has yet to be confirmed if the woman is to be believed and what platform was being used for these videos.

Check it:


About that brisket….



Pastor Gray’s alleged side chick Mary also sent alleged screenshots of their text messages where he claims to have sent her $200:


No reaction on the cheating accusations from Pastor Gray or his wife as of yet.

John and Aventer have been married for about 9 years and share two children – a son named John Gray IV and a daughter named Theory Gray. The couple made their home in South Carolina after they were appointed lead pastors of Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina, in May 2018.

The couple went through several ups and downs last year. After confessing to the congregation that he cheated on his wife, Pastor Gray gifted Aventer a $200,000 Lamborghini for their 8th wedding anniversary. Folks dragged the pastor for filth on social media for it.

At the time, it was alleged one of Pastor Gray’s side chicks was pregnant with his baby.

“John had an affair with a woman that was rumored to have been expecting a child with. Apparently his wife confronted the alleged girlfriend and gave her and old fashioned ass whipping. Obnoxious Media is not sure if she was paid to have an abortion or if Aventar [sic] whipped her into a miscarriage. We will get to the bottom of this story and all details involved, but what we know is their [sic] was definitely an affair and a physical altercation. John was thanking his wife for not exposing him, leaving him and killing his ministry as a thank you with the expensive gift.”


John’s wife Aventer hasn’t responded to the controversy. She has been busy posting photoshoot flicks for her collection with stylist J.Bolin on her social media:


John and Aventer went on “The Real” to "clear up" rumors that he had been cheating on his wife and got another woman pregnant last year.

In the interview, he said he did NOT cheat on his wife; however, he did participate in an "emotional affair." He also said an "emotional affair" isn't the same as actually cheating. Get those deets HERE.

Tomayto Tomahto.

This just isn’t it! If being a married woman means forgiving a man who constantly cheats on you and publicly embarrasses you, scratch our name off the list. No one should have to deal with this, especially since this isn’t the first or second time allegations like these have come up.

At this point, Aventer and everyone else should just let Pastor Gray cheat in peace because his wife very likely isn’t leaving him if it's true.  And he’s obviously going to continue doing what he wants to do.

Whew. The tragedy of it all.

Photo: John's IG

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