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Andrew Gillum Says 'I Identify As Bisexual' In Tearful Interview About Miami Incident + Wife R. Jai Says He Told Her Before They Married

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Andrew Gillum spoke his piece this morning on "The Tamron Hall Show" and he revealed he is a bisexual man, and his wife revealed he told her before they ever married.


See inside everything The Gillums had to say about that night in Miami, the fall out, the status of their marriage and Andrew's future in the political world.

Former Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum told Tamron Hall in his only interview since that hotel incident back in March the events that led up to him facing the lowest point of his career, according to him. 

He says nothing happened with the other man who was found overdosing in the same Miami Beach hotel room as him that night he was found naked on the floor and in a pool of his own vomit.  In fact, Andrew says he did nothing wrong at any point before, during or after the night of the incident, other than trusting someone he thought was a friend.

What Andrew interestingly didn't state during the interview, was that this friend - that he says he met in a bar months ago and caught up with after a day of drinking - is allegedly a well known gay male escort.

Here's Andrew's recount of how things unfolded that weekend in Miami, where he was in town from Tallahassee to officiate a wedding.  He says he was drinking for approximately 4 hours - solo - on Miami Beach while waiting for his friends and wife to land.  He revealed he was there early because his team had set up some meetings for him in the city, which gave him time to partake in something he had been doing often:

“I had an aid to help me sort of numb that. And that is, I took to, you know, to drinking at a level that I had never done before. In the morning when I would have my coffee cup, somebody might think coffee was in it, but it was really whiskey.” When asked if he was hiding it from his wife R. Jai, Andrew said, “Absolutely.”

He left the bar scene he was at and went to another bar - where he runs into the person (whom he changed from naming as a friend to naming as an  acquaintance) we spoke about earlier. He says he had another drink at that bar.  Andrew, choosing his words carefully, says the drink was “prepared for him” and he doesn’t remember anything that happened in the next 3 hours following that.  He basically alluded to being drugged by someone he trusted.  The next thing he knew, he was being woken up, naked, in a pool of his own vomit by police who told him his friend was in the other room overdosing.

Andrew said he took no drugs and did not have any tryst or threesome with anyone that night.  He actually didn't seen see the pics of him until he was in rehab days later, and he says he didn't even recognize himself.

He thought he would be taken to the police station to answer questions as he thought his friend had died, but he was driven to the home he and hiw wife and friends had rented for the weekend.  His wife was asleep by the time he arrived home and didn’t wake her up.  He didn’t tell her what happened until the next morning, and by that time, the report was blasted everywhere by Candace Owen.  He said he had a few choice words for her as well.

Tamron said she didn’t want to ask him the “are you gay” question because, to her, it’s not relevant.  The issue she sees is why he allowed himself to be in this position.  Andrew's answer: "The reason I went into that room with that man is no different than what anyone would do with a friend."

He said he understands how it looks.  But it was not pornography, or a sex act.  And, with that, he revealed something he said he's never shared publicly before:

“I don’t identify as gay, but I do identify as bisexual."

Here's a clip:



As for his initial gut reaction to seeing THAT photo:

“I’m still here, but he grace of God.  So much of my recovery is trying to get over shame….I didn’t know that was out there.  I learned about it in the best place I could have learned about it - in rehab.  I cried because I didn’t recognize that person.  I didn’t know it could get that bad.”


Still, Andrew feels he was taken advantage of and did nothing he wasn't supposed to do that night.  But he said when he finally saw the photo, he didn’t recognize himself in that photo on that floor.

“That’s a person who was in a vulnerable position.  Somebody decided to use a moment where I was literally lying in my own vomit.”

He told Tamron he wasn’t sure if he wanted to live after this because of everything that was being said about him.  It was most hurtful to be accused of living a lie in his marriage.  He said, "We’re all allowed to make mistakes without everything else in our lives being invalidated....The authenticity I tried to lead with was all in question at this point."



He then credited his wife with helping hom get back on track. Andrew was brought to tears when discussing his wife’s unyielding commitment to him saying, “I've always known about R. Jai's -- her resilience. Her strength. How much she's believed in me. How much she's always had my back.”


He continued:


“And for us, I think we will both admit that we both gave up on each other over the course of 2019. We have problems just like everybody else has problems. And I did not do my part in making sure that we could keep the unit together in the way that -- in the way that we needed it to be. So when it comes to she and I, please believe if R. Jai wanted to end our marriage, she would bring that to me and that's something we would have to reckon with. If we're no longer growing together in the way that we've committed to each other, we're gonna be the two to tell each other first.”

“What helped me through it more than anything was the grace that I received from my wife. The grace that I received from R. Jai was -- this is without us knowing whether or not there would even be a future Andrew and R. Jai -- at this point, this was her caring for me as a human. And I know people won't understand that separation. But when you -- I think your marriage is based first off of a deep friendship, but then beyond that you get to a place where you love that person so deeply, their hurt is your hurt and their pain is your pain. I think she felt that for me. And she wanted me better. She knew that in my natural state, when I'm in my full being, when I am in my full authenticity, a person who she's known all about for nearly two decades, when I'm fully in that person, that I'm not this drunk guy laying in puke on the ground.”


When his wife R.Jai sat down with Tamron solo later in the interview, she revealed she had called him 50 times that night and didn’t know where he was.  She thought either he had a DUI or was in a depression, as the couple had been dealing with their own marital issues since the 2019 election fall out.



She said about seeing the harsh photo the first time:


“It was hard to see. My husband. The strongest man I know. It was hard to see....That he was helpless.  Honestly,  I got angry.  I thought he was taken advantage of.  If this had been a woman the narrative would have been different.  If a woman was lying on the floor naked, would a tabloid have run that? Would the pics have even made it out?”


As she revealed she was adamantly opposed to talking about this to anyone, but still wanted to talk to Tamron, Andrew was seen off camera, head hanging and crying, while his wife spoke on his behalf.

“It’s always been the protection of the intimacy of our relationship,” R. Jai said.

She says Andrew told her long before they were married that he is bisexual.  They are private and protective, and didn’t feel it was anybody else’s business, so that’s why it was never spoken about publicly.  She also believes people don’t understand bisexuality.

She went on to explain that she is not sure if she would have gone through with the marriage knowing that their covenant would eventually be revealed sharing:

“I mean there are couples that have open marriages, there are couples who have all different kinds of covenants with one another that everybody else doesn't know. And at the point where you have to reveal your covenant to the world, to then be criticized or questioned with good intentions or bad, that's a lot of pressure. And so I've told him before, saying that yes was solely about me and you. It wasn't about me, you and the world. So, I don't know, you know someone has asked me before, would you have made a different decision and I had to say, I don't know. I think perhaps, being as young as we were, you know I wasn't even 30 yet, I may have said no because at that age, I know I wouldn't have had the maturity to say, while I am privately okay with this, I don't know that I have the strength to continually defend my relationship or my marriage to anyone who doesn't understand.”


As for what R. Jai wants for her husband: “Peace.  It’s hard to be comfortable in your own skin.  It’s hard to show your true self to people.  No matter how high you are, we all have insecurities.”

Does Andrew want to re-enter politics and does he think he could win: “I do if I put my mind to that. DO I think it would be hard? Absolutely.  But Donald Trump is President.  You have folks who maybe aren’t laid out on a hotel room, but are terrorizing people’s lives and they wear it as a symbol of pride.”

He knows his contributions to politics could take on a totally different form.

"I firmly believe that in the years to come, whatever the second or third act will look like, that it's going to move me closer to what my destiny, what my contribution is supposed to be. Should have, could have, would have, you know, meeting everybody else's expectations, that's Andrew of March 11. It's not Andrew of today.”




Andrew said about their marriage, "I fell in love with the person I chose and chose me back.  In making that decision, we take the good and the bad.”

Tamron asked after the interview aired, "Would Andrew Gillum be a political star if he disclosed 20 years ago that he was bisexual?"

We would hope the answer would be yes, but is this the actual main issue at hand here? 

There are mixed reactions on social media, of course.  Some praising Andrew for owning his truth publicly, some feeling like the bisexuality revelation is more of a political spin to something more immoral - like cheating on your wife.  Not everyone buys this was simply an incident of a solo Andrew - even in his big position of political celebrity - being taken advantage of by someone who is reportedly an escort that he maintains is just a friend.


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Either way, we wish the couple the best and we hope they find peace however they can.


Photos: Andrew's Instagram

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