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EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Tamar Braxton Says She Wanted To Be Engaged To David Adefeso, But She Didn’t Want To Marry Him On 'Get Ya Life'

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Tamar Braxton opens about her engagement to her now-ex fiancé David Adefeso and why she didn’t want to marry him on an upcoming episode of her new reality series “Get Ya Life.” She also dishes on her ex-husband Vince Herbert’s relationship with David…or lack thereof. Catch our exclusive sneak peek inside….

Fans will get a peek into Tamar Braxton’s life behind-the-scenes to see the events that led up to her shocking suicide attempt. In July, the singer was rushed to the hospital when her fiancé David Adefeso found her unresponsive after she allegedly ingested an unknown amount of prescription meds while simultaneously drinking alcohol.

Months after the suicide attempt, all hell broke loose when the Nigerian businessman filed a restraining order against the Bluebird of Happiness singer, accusing her of domestic violence while he was driving her to a mental health facility to get treatment. The accusations came out days before the premiere of Tamar’s new reality show, “Get Ya Life.”

Following his claims, Tamar sources said David was the aggressor and threatened to take Tamar’s life in a murder-suicide. It’s a mess. And now, fans get to see some of the events that led up to the tragic moment Tamar attempted to take her own life. Needless to say the are no longer together.

On Thursday’s episode of Tamar’s new reality series “Get Ya Life,” the “Angels & Demons” singer sits down with her friend/manager Mona Scott-Young to answer some “adult questions” about her relationship with David. Was Tamar ready to walk down the aisle again? Nope. The reason? She shares it all in our sneak peek.

Tamar was also asked about her ex-husband/son’s father Vince Herbert’s relationship with her then-fiancé David…or lack thereof.

Check it:


You can see it all play out on a new episode of “Get Ya Life” set to air tomorrow, September 17th at 9pmEST on WEtv. It’ll be doozy.

While Vince hasn’t publicly addressed Tamar & David’s volatile relationship, apparently, he’s letting David know exactly how he feels. In a series of leaked text messages (seemingly after Tamar’s suicide attempt), David asked Vince for an address where he could send Tamar and her son Logan’s belongings.

”Hey Vince, I’m currently spending time with my mom on the spiritual journey she and my pastor brother-in-law and I have been on the past few months,” David allegedly wrote to Vince in a text message. “As I described yesterday and as I’m sure you can relate to, I need to heal and the only way I know to do that is using the spirit and word of God.”

In Vince’s response, he said he only hit him up to “keep the peace” after Tamar told him she had been trying to receive her and Logan’s belongings. Then, Vince went IN.

”It is now safe to say she’s moved on from this vile and abusive relationship and hearing the tape from the other day, I don’t blame her,’ Vince allegedly wrote. “Tamar is getting help. As you know she has been in deep therapy from Dr. V who treats and care for people like Tamar…”

He continued, “Please know that after the stunt you pulled on Saturday you seeing my son is absolutely out of the question. You used a 7-year-old boy and his emotions for your own publicity stunt. Never again will you be alone with him for any reason. You used Tamar’s love and trust for you and manipulated time with Logan to use him for your Instagram and likes…’

”After heating you threaten Tamar’s life, I believe the last thing I would do is give you an address for you to find her. I don’t mind having a police escort to make sure everything is cleared out. The way you packed her things the last time was disrespectful, and it looked like a bunch of trash. She nor Logan deserves that.”

Vince made it clear to David that…he is NOT his friend and never will be.

You can see the alleged screenshots here.

This situation gets uglier by the minute...

Photo: YouTube Screenshot

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