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YBF POLITICS: Sen. Akbari On Kamala Harris Growing Past Her Record, Protestors Being Stripped Of Voting Rights & How Kanye West Made It On The TN Ballot

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In the newest episode of our YBF POLITICS interview series, we get to the bottom of whether VP nominee Kamala Harris' record is as controversial as some are portraying and exactly how Biden's plan for Black America benefits us.  Natasha chops it up with TN State Senator Raumesh Akbari about it all (plus Kanye West). 


Can VP nominee Kamala Harris move past her controversial record as Attorney General?  IS it that controversial, really?  Or are we seeing a misinformation and skewed information campaign like 2016 all over again? 

Which specific policies in Joe Biden's plan ACTUALLY help black America - the black business owners, parents and more? We also talk about his plan for free community college and extending that to colleges and universities for some, since we know education is one of the barriers to closing the wealth gap.

How DID Kanye West end up getting on the Presidential ballot in Tennessee? And with the help of a member of one of the Democratic royal families?!

We're breaking it all down with one of the people who has actual power to change things that affect your everyday life - a State Senator.

Since folks seem to sleep on state politicians, we've got yet another example of how THEY are the real MVPs when it comes to the mask mandates, Covid policies for you AND your kids (hello, back-to-school rules!), criminal justice reform in the form of restoring voting rights for ex-felons in the state, saving the voting rights of those arrested for protesting and plenty more.

Watch or listen to Natasha chop it up with lawyer, twin and fellow YBF chick, Tennessee State Senator Raumesh Akbari above!

Learn more about Sen. Akbari on her Instagram & Twitter!

The deadline for TN residents to register to vote is Oct. 5.  Visit IWillVote.com to do so and to plan how you will vote!


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