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Twitter Pumps The Breaks On The Political Foolery By Suspending FAKE Accounts Pretending To Be Black Trump Supporters

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The Trump campaign – or whoever – is doing the MOST on social media trying to pander black votes. Now, Twitter is shutting that ish down. More inside…

The Trump campaign is working hard to pander the black vote. Or to at least cause enough doubt in the black community about whether their vote really matters to make enough folks to not vote (which, inevitably, is a vote for Trump).

Apparently, several Twitter accounts posing as black Trump supporters popped up on the social media platform declaring their admiration for Trump and declaring they’ll be casting their vote for the former reality star. Turns out, it’s a “hoax.” At least much of it is.

According to The Washington Post, Twitter suspended several fake accounts pretending to be owned by black Trump supporters. It’s unclear how many accounts were taken down, however, Darren Linvill, a social media disinformation researcher at Clemson University, discovered more than two dozen such accounts had generated some 265,000 retweets or Twitter mentions. Some of the accounts scooped up tens of thousands of followers.

”YES IM BLACK AND IM VOTING FOR TRUMP!!!” is one of the phrases the fake Twitter accounts posted online. Also, some of the accounts shared photos of black men that previously appeared in news articles.

Twitter said they suspended the accounts because their content broke the rules on spam and platform manipulation. We’re sure Twitter can track down who made the accounts, but that information hasn’t been made public.

It’s clear that Trump and his administration is gunning for the black vote. Right now, polls suggest about 10% of black voters are supporting Trump. So it looks like the disinformation campaign worked on some, and others are actually supportive of his sexism, racism, toxicity, faux masculinity via bullying and misgony.  Hmph. Speaking of black Trump supporters…

Over the weekend, Trump hosted a rally on the South Lawn of the White House where he spoke at his first public event since being diagnosed with COVID-19.

The crowd was primarily made up of black and brown - mostly mask-less -  Trump supporters, who were invited by Blexit (co-founded by Candace Owens), which is an organization whose goal is to take black voters away from the Democratic Party. We guess folks forgot about that Rose Garden super spreader event earlier this month that infected Trump himself.  Unfortunately, black and brown people are reportedly at more risk than others when it comes to COVID-19. The virus has disproportionately impacted black and brown families. This is backed by science...not fake news.

According to the CDC, the coronavirus death toll is twice as high for Hispanic, Black, and Native American adults under age 65 as for whites — and children of color make up 75 percent of coronavirus deaths of people under 21.

Yet, black and brown people still showed up on the South Lawn to attend Trump’s presidential rally. According to ABC News, the crowd was required to wear Blexit apparel, which included a blue top that said “We the Free” on the front and “Blexit backs the Blue” on the back. Masks were asked to be worn during the event, but they were not reportedly required. Of course.

“Every day more Black and Latino Americans are leaving behind left wing politicians and their failed ideology,” Trump said during the address. “And they’re embracing our pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-police — we want law and order, we have to have law and order — and pro-American agenda.”

This man will literally say ANYTHING.

During his speech, Trump praised law enforcement all while pandering the black vote.

“We call this a peaceful protest at the White House in support of the incredible men and women of law enforcement,” Trump said, later adding, “It’s a dangerous profession and they’ve been doing an incredible job.”

Anyone willing to attend a Trump event knowing he contracted the disease for being reckless, well, whatever happens just happens. No, we are not donating to any GoFundMe accounts either.

Photo: Crush Rush/Shutterstock.com

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