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YBF POLITICS: Symone D. Sanders Answers The 'What Will Biden & Harris REALLY Do For Black People' Narrative

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You've heard the rhetoric - whether it's from Russian bots or actual Trump supporters.  "What will Biden & Harris do for Black people?" "Why are Black men being left out and not catered to like Black women are?" "Trump and Biden are the same." "No one has earned the Black vote."


Natasha sits down with the Symone D. Sanders, Senior Advisor to the Biden-Harris campaign, to address ALL that ish. Watch/Listen now!


It's been three hundred years - ok, a long several hundred days - of the 2020 Presidential election season.  And the rhetoric still hasn't changed amongst some folks.

It's become clear many people simply haven't read the very much in depth Biden-Harris platform on JoeBiden.com. Since many do have time to repeat rhetoric developed by the Trump campaign, Symone D. Sanders, the Biden campaign's Senior Advisor, is offering up the rhetoric that is based in fact.  She's breaking down the points YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Build Back Better plan that directly help Black America where Trump's Platinum Plan remains vague and unreliable.

You can no longer say you "don't know how" Biden & Harris will help Black America after listening to this.  Agree or disagree with the plan, but at least KNOW the plan.

Vote early.  Vote NOW.  Election DEADLINE is Nov. 3rd.  Election DAY is now. 


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