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Cory Booker Pops Back At Trump For Calling Him ‘Stupid’: ‘Do Your Damn Job’ + Cory Says He’s ‘Enjoying’ Living With GF Rosario Dawson

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Sen. Cory Booker pops back at Trump after her came for him during a recent rally where he had the audacity to call the former mayor of New Jersey “stupid.” Read his response, plus deets on his love life with girlfriend/actress Rosario Dawson inside…


Trump is out here…Trump’n, per usual, doing whatever he can to appease his base.

45 and Senator Cory Booker are currently having a war of words after Trump’s disrespectful comments about the former mayor of New Jersey. During questioning of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Sen Booker noted Trump’s stances on Roe V. Wade and the Affordable Care Act. He even questioned if she condemns white supremacy. She said she did.

Trump jetted to Iowa to speak at a rally this week where he stooped down to the bottom of the barrel of disrespectful comments, calling Sen. Booker - a Rhoades Scholar, Stanford Grad & Yale Law grad - “stupid.” How juvenile. 

“We're not going to destroy the American dream for stupid people like Cory Booker,” Trump said. “He was putting Cory Booker in charge. He did a great job as mayor of Newark, New Jersey. How's Newark doing?"

We all know Trump hates black men who are effortlessly far smarter than him and have accomplished more than him without the help of a multimillionaire father or white privilege, hence his disdain for President Obama.  Peep the clip below:



Trump also attacked Sen. Booker - who ran for the Democratic presidential nominee spot - on Twitter, posting:


“How dare failed Presidential Candidate (1% and falling!) @CoryBooker make false charges and statements about me in addressing Judge Barrett. Illegally, never even lived in Newark when he was Mayor. Guy is a total loser! I want better Healthcare for far less money, always protecting people with Pre-existing conditions. He has done nothing on Healthcare, cost or otherwise, or virtually anything else. An empty suit!!"

Not one to back down, the NJ native popped back on Twitter writing, “Stop attacking Newark and do you damn job, @realDonaldTrump."



And trust, Trump has plenty of work that needs to be done.

Despite dealing with 45 and his BS, things are going smoothly in his love life. After making it official in 2018, he just moved in with his girlfriend/actress Rosario Dawson and he said he’s "really enjoying it." It’s a first for the 51-year-old, so he's adjusting to his new life.

“This is the first time in my life I've really lived with somebody,” he explained to BuzzFeed, “and obviously Rosario and I are enjoying and adjusting to that.”

The publication share more deets about their current living situation and how the 2020 presidential election has had an affect on them :

The couple has been dating since 2018 but spent most of the pandemic on separate coasts — Dawson helping take care of her father in Los Angeles, Booker doing Senate work from Newark. In late August, with her dad in tow, Dawson loaded an RV with boxes and house plants, and drove the 29-foot-long, 13-foot-tall bus across the country. She resettled her father in New York City and moved into Booker’s home in the Central Ward — a simple house, three stories of yellow-brown brick. Booker has only ever shared it with the 24-hour security detail assigned to him while he served as mayor of the city — with Newark officers occupying the second floor, and Booker living on the third.

Whatever “adjustment” period might normally take place during such life events has, in this household, been somewhat tabled until Election Day: “I think we both realize that this is a ‘batten-down-the-hatches,’ ‘get-to-Nov.-3’ kinda thing.”

“She's in the bedroom recording, but both of us needed silence, so I'm in my office, trying to talk more quietly than I normally do on my Zoom, and she's in the other room recording a long PSA for Iowa congressional candidate J.D. Sholten, in Spanish. It's happened multiple times, where we both just need quiet because we're both doing reams of work. So I think we’re both bonding in that.”

She’s unpacked her clothes and immediate belongings. But elsewhere in the house, there are still boxes waiting to be opened.

“We already know we're not gonna get to it until after the election,” he said.

Well aren’t they cute! You can read more here.

No doubt this couple will be heading to the polls together now that they share the same address – if they haven’t already.

Photo: Backgrid

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