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Diddy Launches Black Political Party, Chats With Charlamagne About Voting Trump Out Of Office, A Race War, Black Women, Black Insanity & More

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Diddy sits down with Charlamagne Tha God to talk about the launch of his new political party called Our Black Party and why he decided to create it. During their conversation, the Hip Hop mogul touched on several topics, including voting Trump out, being forced to endorse Biden, his thoughts on a race war, black insanity, black women being the backbone and more. Get it all inside…

With a little over two weeks before the nation heads to polls (if they haven’t voted already), Diddy announces he’s launching a new political party called Our Black Party, a new political party designed specifically to advance an agenda focused on the needs of the African American community.




With the announcement, the Hip Hop mogul also announced his endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and the relaunch of his “Vote or Die” campaign.

Diddy sat down with Power 105’s Charlamagne Tha God for an in-depth conversation about his new political party and what he’s doing behind-the-scenes to help the black community advance. The Harlem native said he’s rounding up “the best in class” to run his new movement.



He addressed the comments he made earlier this year where he said black people should “hold their vote hostage.” He’s rapping on a different beat now as he’s focused of getting Trump out of office.

“It would be irresponsible of me to have us hold our vote hostage, but it would also be irresponsible of me to just let this moment go by — the world is watching — and not do everything I can to make sure that, going forth, we are part of the narrative, that we own our politics,” he said.


”White men like Trump need to be banished. That way of thinking is real dangerous. This man literally threatened the lives of us and our families about going to vote,” Diddy said.

Right now, the black community is currently experiencing “black insanity,” Diddy said.

”We are a people that have been abused the most and we have to start biting their legs off. When they put their foot on our neck, we have to bite that sh*t off. When they shooting us in the back, we have to start defending ourselves because ain’t nothing going to stop unless you stop it. It’s black insanity. We have to get off of this. We have to wake up and see what’s going on. The world is watching.”

He said we aren’t just in the midst of a presidential election – we’re in the middle of a war.

“If Trump gets elected, I really do believe in my heart there will be a race war,” he explained. “That’s why this message is not just to black people. This message is to everybody. This man is really trying to turn us against each other.

Charlamagne pointed out that if Trump loses, a civil war could still break out because his base will be mad that he didn’t return to office.

Diddy said the only way American can prevent bloodshed is if “they” stop killing “us.”

“I think the only thing that will prevent bloodshed is if they stop killing us. I don’t think that us as a people can handle one more hashtag. I know we’re at the breaking point. There’s a new negro. This new black person is not scared, they’re not fearful. They’re not afraid to die and that violence has to be an option.”

Diddy praised black women for the being on the frontlines and putting in work to get us where we are now. Diddy said Biden choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate was an important step, because it will put someone in place black people can have a dialogue with.

“Black women have got us to this point. To see him recognize that, I started feeling a little bit better,” he said. “I think we all did start to feel a little bit better, and it’s helpful that we’ll have her in there because we need to keep her and him accountable. And at least we have somebody that we can dialogue with, somebody that we can relate to in office.”

Throwback pictures of Diddy and Trump have been circulating on social media. Charlamagne brought up Diddy’s prior relationship with Trump.

”Yeah he [Trump] would pop up at events. We respected him as a shrewd businessman. He definitely embodied the Hip Hop spirit, but God had different plans for him. God wanted to use him in this moment for change. He wanted to use Trump to expose the level of racism that’s been hidden.”

Change isn’t going to come overnight. However, if we keep speaking up, Diddy feels things will begin to change. He said if we do not unify politically, economically and in love, then we’re not going to last.

“Speak up and do something. Every day, move forward,” he said when asked what black people should do to continue to grow.

Check out their full interview below:

On social media, there are mixed reactions to Diddy's political moves. What are your thoughts on Diddy's stance and the moves he's making for black political leverage?

Photos: Kathy Hutchins/ Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com

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