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Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife BLASTS Him For Smear Campaign, Accuses Him Of ‘Abusive Control’ & ‘Rampant, Repeated Marital Misconduct’

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Dr. Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young are still going AT IT. She claims he’s behind a smear campaign, is accusing him of “abusive control” and also “rampant, repeated martial misconduct.” The latest inside…

Whew, lawd! Dr. Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young’s divorce is getting messier and messier!

Earlier this month, a judge denied Nicole Young’s request for $1.5 million in expenses, including security and an additional $5 million to pay her lawyers. And things are only getting worse.

Now, the 49-year-old estranged wife claims the famed 55-year-old producer is trying to smear her name in the press, accusing her of embezzling money from a company account.  Yikes.

According to the Daily Mail, she accused the Hip Hop mogul of “abusive coercive control” (sound familiar?) and she claims their marriage ended after 24 years because of Dre’s alleged “rampant and repeated marital misconduct.” Her lawyers are trying to get Dre to hand up their “disputed pre-nuptial agreement” since he claims to have the original document. Nicole said he felt ashamed he asked her to sign a pre-nup and ripped the original document up two years into their marriage, so its void.

This information came to light after she filed court papers in Los Angeles this week.

The site reports:

The 121-page filing also lays out in excruciating detail what Young describes as Dre's attempts to 'beat her into submission' by leaking a series of stories to 'friendly media outlets' in a bid to portray her as a money grabber - despite the pair being married for 24 years.

Last week, it was reported that Young had been referred to the police by Larry Chatman – a friend and business partner of Dre's who accused her of embezzling $385,029 from a company account.

But the new filing claims it was a false accusation designed to embarrass her and goes on to detail how the 49-year-old has been subjected to 'public ridicule' as a result, as well as 'death threats from his supporters'.

The papers also claim Dre falsely told media he won a court hearing over his provision of her security, when in fact, he was forced to cough up for guards despite his objections.

The new filing is part of an ongoing divorce battle that kicked off when Young filed to end her marriage to the rapper on June 29.

It's reported if Nicole is brought up on embezzlement charges, she could possibly face jail time.

In the report to LAPD, Dre's team claims Nicole embezzled $385,029. We're told LAPD detectives are aware Larry believes Nicole is the culprit, and they're looking into it now. For the record, Dre did not file the report.

As we previously reported ... Dre's called out Nicole for 2 withdrawals -- which total the $385k -- in their divorce case. Nicole has said she had a right to the money in that corporate account because her name is on it. If charges are brought forth from this, it's possible Nicole could do time.

According to Nicole, the Beats founder - who has a $800M fortune -is trying his hardest to intimidate her. She even said she has received death threats.

She says in the papers that he 'has pursued one goal: to perpetuate his abusive coercive control over Nicole, trying to beat her into submission so that she surrenders to an unfair and uninformed resolution of this case.

”Andre's conduct to date has been entirely consistent with an intentionally uncooperative and bullying litigant, seeking to overpower what he perceives to be a weaker 'opponent' – in other words, treating Nicole just the same way he did during their marriage.”

In the documents, she said Dre is using the media to make her out to look like a “gold digger.”

The documents add: 'That narrative is, predictably if lamentably, one of the oldest, most well-worn, misogynistic, and sexist tropes in the book – the false claim that Nicole, his wife of more than 24 years and the mother of their three (3) children, was only married to him for his money.

”This vile smear flies directly in the face of the facts. The parties married long before they amassed the billion-dollar fortune at issue herein – and stayed together for more than 24 years, in spite of Andre's rampant and repeated marital misconduct.”

In June, Nicole filed for divorce from Dre after 24 years and two children later (who are grown now). The couple tied the knot in May 1996. She cited the usual irreconcilable differences as the reason for their uncoupling.




Dre showed off a new matching tattoo he and his son, Truice Young, copped recently.


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