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Barack Obama Hits Philly Streets For The Biden-Harris Campaign In The Most Philly Way + Black Woman Running Against Pence’s Brother Receives Death Threats

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Forever President Barack Obama has hopped on the campaign trail for the first time in person, making a stop in Philadelphia (an important swing state). He also dropped a new ad encouraging voters to turn out for his veep. More deets about Prez. O’s Biden/Harris backing, plus the black woman – running for a Congressional seat against Mike Pence’s brother - who says she has been receiving death threats inside…

Forever President Barack Obama has hit the campaign trail with a big roll out to encourage the American people to cast their vote for his former vice president, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and running mate Kamala Harris. And he’s balling out on the campaign court.

For his first in-person event in 2020, POTUS jetted to an important swing state – Pennsylvania – today. And he sure made his presence known. He held an event where he spoke to community leaders and he also hit the streets with a bull horn to encourage folks to get to the polls on November 3rd – and  earlier.

“I know there’s plenty out there to make people feel cynical. And plenty of people are going to seize on that to convince you that your vote doesn’t matter. It’s not new. It’s one of the oldest voter suppression tactics there is,” Obama said. “What is new is a growing movement for justice, equality and progress on so many issues. ... To change the game on any of the issues we care about, Joe Biden needs your vote.”

Pennsylvania is a divided battleground state, which went to Trump in a total shocker in 2016.  This year, though, things are looking a bit different. The state’s 20 electoral votes could be key to Biden and Trump’s journey to scoop the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

And yes, Prez. O was really out in these Philly STREETS:



Trump would NEV-AH!

POTUS also dropped a new ad encouraging folks to turn out for Biden/Harris:

“Participate and vote," he said in the ad. "It’s not always pretty. Trust me, I know. But it’s how, bit by bit, we’ve made progress over the generations. And it’s how your generation is going to change the game entirely,” he said.

We forever love 44!

By the way, Biden and Trump will participate in their final debate before the Nov. 3rd presidential election. After Trump interrupted Biden over 70 times during the last debate, the rules were changed where a mute button will be utilized so each candidate will have a chance to speak. It goes down tomorrow, October 22nd at 9pm EST. NBC News’ Kristen Welker will moderate. She’s the first Black woman to moderate a presidential debate since Carole Simpson in 1992.

In other news...

“They” are trying to stop a black woman from running for a Congressional seat in Indiana, but she’s not quitting.

Democrat Jeannine Lee Lake is running against Vice President Mike Pence’s brother, Republican Rep. Greg Pence in the GOP-dominated 6th District. She says she has received numerous racist threats and death threats. The Munice Police Department is investigating after Lake called police when she heard what she thought was gunfire before a campaign event.

The Associated Press reports:

Democrat Jeannine Lee Lake, who faces long odds against Republican Rep. Greg Pence in the GOP-dominated 6th District, said she had just parked Thursday evening outside Vera Mae’s Bistro in Muncie when she heard what she believes were three gunshots outside the driver’s side window. Lake said she was rattled but uninjured, and she noticed no damage to the vehicle.

“It’s terrifying to me,” Lake said. “Now, in the scope of where we’re at with this campaign, in terms of some of the negative things, the harassment that’s happened, I do feel like things are escalating quite a bit.”

Here are examples of the types of messages she has received:

Lake said she began receiving racist phone messages and damage to personal property late this summer after the Delaware County GOP published her personal address and contact information in a Facebook post. Many of the voicemails call her racial slurs and include other derogatory language.

“You’re nothing but a loudmouth frickin’ n(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk),” a man said in one of the messages Lake shared with The Associated Press.

She says that last month somebody mailed her and two campaign aides a 22-page document containing private details about her pending divorce and personal whereabouts. Lake said she considered the packages to be “personal threats” because the research gathered couldn’t be found with simple online searches.

After the shooting, she hopped on Facebook Live and had witnesses share what happened.

That's scary.

A rep for Greg Pence said he does not suppport this behavior and "supports a full investigation."

Lake said she’s now contemplating a suspension of all in-person campaigning activities due to safety concerns she has for herself and her staff.

“I’m afraid, and I hate that I feel this way,” she said. “But all of these things together, it has my senses heightened — way more than during any campaigning before.”

Lake is the only Black woman running for federal office in Indiana this fall. Greg Pence easily defeated her in 2018 to win the seat, which Mike Pence held for 12 years before becoming governor and then vice president.

The Indiana Democratic Party released a statement condemining the suspected attack on Lake:

“We stand with Jeannine and against the racist threats deployed to intimidate and silence her," Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody said in a statement. "We cannot and will not tolerate this ugly style of coercion and we call on the Indiana Republican Party and Congressman Pence to join us in condemning it. Congressman Pence must stand up and refuse to allow the political discourse to be dragged back to a time when racism was an accepted element. We can and must do better.”


We have 13 days until the election. I’d love to get a billboard up but I need your help to do it ... thank you! Information is below. Thanks, Gretchen Binney!!

Posted by Jeannine Lee Lake on Wednesday, October 21, 2020


We must protect her at all costs! And vote her in too, Indiana.  Check out her progressive platform or donate to her campaign HERE.


1. A new poll suggests Joe Biden is ahead in 6 battleground states that Trump won in 2016 by as much as seven points. But we know how polls go.  VOTE regardless.  And early. STORY

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