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Vivica Fox Made It Known To Ice Cube She’s Not Feeling His Association With Trump Administration + Cube Reacts To Eric Trump’s Photoshopped Flick

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Vivica A. Fox is NOT here for Ice Cube’s recent antics that involved Trump. And she made it known. Peep their exchange, plus Cube’s response to the photoshopped flick Eric Trump post of him wearing a Trump hat alongside 50 Cent inside…

Ever since Trump advisor Katrina Pierson announced Ice Cube helped the administration with this last minute “Platinum Plan” for Black Americans, the famed rapper has been in hot water. Cube revealed both parties reached out to him to discuss his Contract With Black America, a 22-page blueprint he said he created for a “more perfect union." He said the Democratic Biden/Harris campaign said they would discuss his plan after the election, while the Republican Trump administration decided to set up a meeting.

Cancel culture has been trying to cancel him. Some celebs and fans have been backing him. The legendary rapper/producer sat down with the ladies of FOX SOUL’s “Cocktails With Queens” to further explain his intentions. Co-host LisaRaye seem excited to have her homie on the show. However, she didn’t hit him with any hardcore political questions. If you didn’t know, they worked on Player’s Club together and could possibly be working on a sequel. Get those deets HERE.

However, her co-hosts Vivica A. Fox, Syleena Johnson and Claudia Jordan questioned him about his agenda and why he made the moves he made. Especially Aunt Viv. In the clip, Syleena & Claudia were moreso neutral before leaning towards Vivica side towards the end. Claudia kept asking, “what about black women?” and his response was Black women could “write that part themselves” and he said he would help. He noted when he mentioned black people in his contract that it included black woman as well.

Also, Claudia mentioned tea she received about Cube deciding NOT to hop on a Zoom video call with the Vice President hopeful Kamala Harris along with Snoop Dogg, DL Hughley and more. He said he didn’t join the conference because he was promised a personal call from the Biden/Harris campaign and never received it.

Peep the entire video (because you have to see this) below:



Oh, fake news you say?! Shocker.

Cube recently responded to a photoshopped flick Eric Trump - 45's son - posted of him. Eric shared an edited photo of Cube sitting alongside 50 Cent courtside at a basketball game - both wearing TRUMP hats. He deleted it after Cube responded:

"Two great, courageous, Americans," Eric Trump wrote. Twitter flagged the tweet as "manipulated media." Womp. 

Neither was actually wearing a Trump hat. Cube had on a Big3 hat and Fif had on a New York Yankees hat. The actual picture was tweeted over the summer when Cube wished FIf a Happy Birthday.


Also, Twitter flagged the tweet as "manipulated media." Womp.

Republicans are doing anything they can to pander the black vote at this point.  Vote NOW.  Election DEADLINE is Nov. 3rd.  Election DAY is now.

Below is a guide to find your ballot box:

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