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YBF POLITICS: Is KeKe Williams The Secret Weapon To Flip A Super Red Texas State Legislature, Super Blue?

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We love a potential history making moment, especially when it's a black woman who is about to do so. She's even got President Obama's endorsement! Natasha has a ki-ki with Keke Williams, the woman who might be the secret weapon to flipping Texas blue on Election Day.


Texas is a notoriously red state, and this election, it's now officially a battleground state with the potential to go blue for the first time in over 40 years in the Presidential election AND the State Legislature!

Meet Keke Williams, the fearless & fab chick who's taking on the establishment in one of the most establishment-loving states in America - Texas. The military vet, wife and mom (and high key YBF fan) is the Democratic candidate for Texas State House, District 54.  And if she wins, she'll become the first black woman military veteran in the Texas State House of Representatives.  This is MAD important, as her district encompasses the largest military base in America - Fort Hood.

Keke and Natasha talk about how she will handle the extremely alarming number of cases of sexual assault and murders of soldiers on military bases, including Fort Hood, what she has already done in the Vanessa Guillen case that garnered national attention, how complications with her own baby girl secured her passion for women's reproductive rights, why her non-military & Republican opponent has held the position for so long due to his family's name (a.k.a., why she is the perfect candidate to represent a heavily black & brown and military district, and why Americans with Disabilities are one of her top priorities.  Oh, and she names which "Real Housewives" would make for a perfect running mate if she needed one.

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Posted by KeKe Williams on Sunday, October 25, 2020

The former Army Captain has been working on a platform to end the school to prison pipeline and has been meeting with families affected by police violence, like the family of Javier Ambler.

Flipping state congresses blue is one MAJOR way to combat a super conservative Supreme Court & U.S. Senate.  We're giving you the keys to why and how.


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Posted by KeKe Williams on Thursday, October 29, 2020





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